Review: Rituals Time out set - discover sakura rituals

Spring is the time for sakura (aka cherry blossoms) and from my messy room, I dug up some sakura (and Japan related) beauty products to review. Yesterday, I saw that Rituals released pictures of the Rituals sakura line, which got a new packaging. It now has beautiful metallic pink and white wood details. I almost bought the whole line, but I remembered that I already own a mini set of it. I think I got three Rituals mini sets for Christmas a long time ago and I just forgot about them. I can't believe this is the first time, I have Rituals body products on my blog (Rituals makeup did show up before).

This is the Rituals Time out set, which contains 4 deluxe miniatures from the Sakura line with organic rice milk & cherry blossom: Carpe Diem (nourishing shampoo for frizzy hair), Magic Touch (ultra rich, whipped body cream), Zensation (foaming shower gel sensation), and Sakura Scrub (sugar body scrub). 

Rituals Time out set Carpe Diem nourishing shampoo for frizzy hair Magic Touch ultra rich, whipped body cream Zensation foaming shower gel sensation Sakura Scrub sugar body scrub

Rituals Carpe Diem - nourishing shampoo for frizzy hair 70 ml miniature

Rituals Carpe Diem - nourishing shampoo for frizzy hair (70 ml)

This shampoo has a pearly white color and a sweet cherry blossom scent, which doesn't really linger on the hair, so even men could use it. When you lather it up, it becomes a bit creamy. Afterwards, my hair felt a bit softer and looked glossier. It didn't remove all the frizz, but I currently have quite dry and frizzy hair (desperately need to do a hair treatment), so I can't really expect it to do wonders.   

Rituals Zensation organic rice milk cherry blossom foaming shower gel sensation

Rituals Zensation -  foaming shower gel sensation (50 ml)

I really like shower foams and I think I currently have 4 different shower foams from Rituals in my bathroom. This miniature of 50 ml is really convenient for traveling, as the full-size is 200 ml. When you spray the gel out, it becomes foam immediately, similar to shaving foam. Afterwards, you spread the foam out and it becomes a thick cream, which stays on your skin for quite a while, making it possible to actually use it as a shaving foam. It makes my skin feel soft and smell really good.

Rituals Sakura Scrub - sugar body scrub 40 g

Rituals Sakura Scrub - sugar body scrub (40 g)

At first I thought that they put the Rituals Sakura Scrub in a small flat bag, because you can only use it once. But I think I can use it 4-5 times, as you only need to use a little bit and I only use it on my legs. Luckily, I found a transparent travel container to store it in. The body scrub contains really coarse sugar grains and it actually hurts when I scrub it on my skin, as the sugar doesn't dissolve and remains on your skin. But the sugar grains are soaked in a very nourishing oil and they leave my skin softer than using only the body cream that I will review underneath.

Rituals Magic Touch ultra rich whipped body cream 70 ml

Rituals Magic Touch - body cream (70 ml)

I have tested the ultra rich, whipped body creams from Rituals in the store before, but I never purchased one as in comes in a large tub that I can never finish and I find it less hygienic than in a tube. The soft, buttery texture never left my mind though, so I was happy to find the body cream in a small tube in this Rituals Time out set. The body cream feels really nice on the skin and after spreading it out, it feels a bit sticky to touch at first (not in a heavy or uncomfortable way), but it leaves a velvety soft layer on the skin.

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