What I bought at Dun Yong, Amsterdam

Dun Yong is a Chinese supermarket in Amsterdam (Stormsteeg 9) and the last time I was in Amsterdam, I bought a couple of items there. I primarily bought some Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean snacks and a bag of green tea.

I am crazy about anything green tea, so when I saw these Glico pejoy biscuit sticks with Matcha Mousse filling (€1.85), I had to buy two boxes.

glico pejoy matcha mousse flavor biscuit sticks

There are two separate packages in one box, which is really nice because I don't have to worry about how to close the packaging after not being able to finish them all at once. One pack is more than enough to eat alone or share with some friends.

two individual packs of glico pejoy matcha mousse flavor biscuit sticks

The biscuit itself has a tasty buttery flavor and the filling inside isn't a mousse like what the name might suggest, but a hard, creamy paste with a relatively strong matcha flavor. I really liked them! However, there was a pack which had biscuit sticks that were baked a bit too long and the burnt flavor totally overpowered the flavor of the matcha filling. I ate that pack first, so I was really disappointed and I didn't want to try the rest. Some time later, when I decided to give it another try, I was really surprised by how good the biscuit sticks of the other box tasted. Lesson learned: always give something (or someone) a second chance.

glico pejoy biscuit sticks with matcha mousse flavor filling

The picture on the Royal Family matcha and azuki bean mochi (€2.15) looked so appetizing that I had to buy a box to try it out. Green tea and red beans are a killer combo, so nothing could possibly go wrong with this. In one box, there are 10 pieces of mochi (note: if you are thinking why there are empty spots in the picture. I ate the ones that got squished in the packaging). The mochi look very different than in the picture on the box, but it was to be expected as there was no way the green tea powder on the outside would stay dry with the moist mochi. The delicious and chewy mochi has a rich jasmin green tea (as in: flowery) flavor with a bit bland red bean filling. You can find some tiny bits of red bean, but they don't really add more bite to the smooth texture of the azuki bean paste filling.  

royal family matcha and anuki bean mochi

I have always been curious about the Lotte Pepero sticks original (€1.60), since they are the Korean version of the Pocky chocolate sticks that I love a lot. I don't know if I got a bad box, but the biscuit stick tastes like a bland soup stick and the chocolate had a strange aftertaste (like a foul refrigerator flavor).

Lotte Pepero original chocolate sticks package

Lotte Pepero original chocolate sticks large red pack

Lotte Pepero original chocolate covered bread sticks

Lastly, I saw this bag of Sencha (100gr, €4.50) and as I am always interested in trying out new teas, I had to bring it home with me. The Sencha (Japanese green tea made with rolled and dried tea leaves instead of ground leaves) has a nice scent, a beautiful yellow-green color, and a good bitter green tea flavor. As I have tried better green tea, it is not really extraordinary to me, but still better than most of the green tea I can buy at the local supermarket.

sencha Japanese tea
sencha japanese tea leaves
glass of sencha japanese tea cheese croissants

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