Big Mogu Mogu drinks review

I first discovered the Mogu Mogu drinks years ago on vacation in Hong Kong and now, they are also widely available in the Netherlands (e.g. Xenos store, Albert Heijn supermarket, and Asian supermarkets). They are sweet fruit drinks with small chunks of chewy nata de coco jelly. One day, they were on sale at the Amazing Oriental store and I just bought a whole bunch to review.
 mogu mogu drinks 6 flavors grape peach mango pineapple lychee orange

mogu mogu drinks orange mango pineapple

It tastes similar to orange lemonade that I used to drink as a kid (in Dutch: ranja). It is not sour or too sweet.

It tastes like sweet mango lemonade. It is refreshing and not too heavy in flavor. I once tried 100% pure mango juice before and it was very gross because of the bitter aftertaste that it tends to have.

It is a mild pineapple lemonade, without any sourness.
 mogu mogu drinks grape lychee peach

It has the typical Asian grape candy flavor. Compared to the other flavors, it is a bit on the sweet side. It smells very similar to the it' s skin grape lip balm that I have.

It tastes like sweet lychee lemonade. It is a bit too sweet, but it is my favorite flavor of the Mogu Mogu drinks.

It has a mild peach flavor. It isn't too sweet, it is rather a bit bland. It doesn't have a very distinguishable peach flavor.

Strawberry (not pictured)
Even though all the Mogu Mogu drinks have a bit of an artificial, candy like flavor, I think the strawberry flavor is a bit too artificial for me. I bought it twice at the Xenos store before and I didn't like it.

Mogu Mogu melon flavored drink

New flavor: Melon
It has the melon flavor of Japanese candies and it became one of my favorite flavors, besides the lychee. I found it at the local Albert Heijn supermarket recently and it was even cheaper than at the Asian supermarkets (just €0.89 per bottle). 

New flavor #2: Watermelon
I like how this drink is not too sweet and I actually recognize the flavor as watermelon, which isn't an easy job, as most supermarket drinks fail to deliver. It is hard to create the flavor of this watery fruit, without making it tasteless or too condensed and not tasty. The light, not too sweet watermelon flavor can be tasted right at the start and it has a watery, refreshing end taste. Just like the real thing. It has just launched itself into the top 3 of my favorite Mogu Mogu drinks. 

Mogu Mogu drink watermelon flavor

Other new flavors that I discovered, but haven't tried yet
Coconut flavor, blueberry flavor, and Cola flavor (Albert Heijn supermarket)
Lemon flavor (Amazing Oriental supermarket)

Mogu Mogu drinks
Product of Thailand
25% chewy nata de coco cubes
320 ml bottle
Coloring E110 and E122, which can harm the activity or attention of children.
Serve cold and shake before use.
44 calories per 100 ml.

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