Mother's day tip: Albert Heijn strawberry tart

This Sunday (May 8), it's mother's day. I think most mothers don't even want expensive gifts on this day. They are much happier with spending time with family members and creating beautiful memories together. A good idea would be pampering your mom with a day at the spa (mom-daughter(-in-law) bonding) or have a luxurious high-tea. Depending on your budget, you can go to high-end spa's or restaurants, but you can also do these things at home. I can really recommend Rituals and Lush products for the home spa. For the high-tea, I found this strawberry tart at the Albert Heijn supermarket.     

Mother's day tip: Albert Heijn strawberry tart aardbeien vlaai

It is a delicious tart with a flaky pastry crust, filled with sweet vanilla custard, and topped with plenty of glossy strawberries. You could serve it to 6-8 people. The good thing is that it is on sale this week too. With a 25% discount, it is now €5.02.

You only need to pick out some delicious teas to go with it (and optional: a pretty tea pot and tea cup set), and clear out Sunday on your busy schedule. If the weather is nice, you can also plan a walk or bicycle ride in the park to work off the calories afterwards.

Mother's day tip: Albert Heijn strawberry tart moederdag aardbeien vlaai

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