Recipe: chocolate almond milk coffee with whip cream

Most high school students in the Netherlands are currently having their final exams. I remember mine to be quite stressful. I studied for all of my courses basically on the day before the exam, so I remember that I went through days with barely any sleeping, showering, and eating. It was a miracle that I passed them all on the first try. Maths was almost my Achilles heel.

Today, I will share the coffee drink that I used to make regularly to stay awake and to keep a clear head while studying. 

What you need for the chocolate almond milk coffee with whip cream

- a tea spoon of instant coffee powder (I used the new Douwe Egberts Gold* instant coffee)
- boiling water
- a table spoon of cocoa powder
- a shot of almond milk
- whip cream


- Put one tea spoon of the instant coffee in a coffee cup and add enough boiling water to almost fill the whole cup. I used instant coffee powder for this recipe as it saves me time and time is a scarcity, when you have big stacks of books and notes to memorize. But if you can make a good and fast cup of coffee from a coffee maker, you can use that too.
- After mixing it carefully, you can add a table spoon of cocoa powder.
- Afterwards, you add a shot of almond milk. I used almond milk, as I don't take milk too well. You can also use cow milk if you want. The amount depends on your taste, so add a little at a time and stop when you think it is alright.
- I finished it off with a dot of whip cream and you can also add some chocolate sauce if you have some at home.

It is a sweet coffee drink, of which the flavor is more suitable for girls and Starbucks fans than for real coffee lovers. I have never been able to drink black coffee before, so it is perfect for my taste.

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