New in: Flying Tiger Summer items

Lately, tropical temperatures have reached the Netherlands and I bought some items at the Flying Tiger store, which really suit the tropical summer theme. If you have been following me for a long time, you would know that I really adore the color, coral. I happened to spot these cute cocktail sticks (flamingos!) and padlock in this color. I also think that relaxation is essential when you go on vacation, so even if, I cannot get a full body massage on a tropical island, I can still get a massage at home with this massage ball.

Flying Tiger Summer items massage ball cocktail stick pink flamingo green palm trees coral padlock

I haven't put the padlock (€2) to use yet, but I tried locking and unlocking it and it is pretty sturdy for such a small lock. It is great to lock hand carry baggage with. You can call be paranoid, but I don't like leaving my belongings in a hotel room without locking them. Although you can force it open if you really intend to steal something, at least, I know that people haven't touched my stuff without permission.

The massage ball (€2) was something that I discovered on the website of Flying Tiger and it stated that you can use it to massage your back. I wouldn't have really known what to use it for, if I only saw it in the store. I discovered that it actually gives me an incentive to exercise more. When you stand against the wall with the massage ball in between, you can move up and down by bending your knees 90 degrees or move left and right by moving your hips. Be careful though as the massage ball is a bit hard (made of hard, not flexible plastic), so it can hurt a bit. I find it the most comfortable on my shoulder blades. 

The cocktail sticks in cute flamingo and palm tree shapes (€1) looked too cute to pass on. They don't have a hold as good as the canapé forks that I bought earlier at the Søstrene grene store, but they would look amazing for BBQ parties. 
Flying Tiger cocktail stick pink coral flamingo fruit

You can find more of my purchases at the Flying Tiger store here: purchases #1 and purchases #2.

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