Recipe: Sweet & Sour pork and chicken (咕嚕肉) + instruction video

In the video underneath, I will teach you how to make the popular Hong Kong dish, sweet & sour pork and chicken (咕嚕肉). It is normally made with just pork, but I decided to use both chicken and pork for the different flavors and textures. Instead of the traditional pineapple, I used halved strawberries and pieces of cantaloupe melon. I also created a halved cantaloupe bowl to serve it in. It is the perfect dish for when the temperatures are high and when you have no appetite. You can eat it with a bowl of rice or just do it like me and have the whole bowl for yourself by adding a whole bunch of fruit, which fills you up a lot. I was lucky to find semi-sweet strawberries and a - not too firm and not too soft - cantaloupe melon with a sweet flavor, of which the sweetness was enhanced by the sweet and sour sauce. I also tried making these with pieces of sour nectarines and pieces of Galia melon too, but they didn't taste as good.

Ingredients for the fried pieces of pork and chicken

- 400 g pork and 400 g chicken (you can also use only one kind of meat)
- some salt to season the meat
- one egg
- potato starch

Ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce

- half a bowl of water
- 4 tbsp of white vinegar
- 2 large tbsp sugar
- 3 large tbsp of ketchup

 Extra information

 - Depending on the size of the egg and the amount of meat, you might need more or less potato starch. If it doesn't look dry enough, you can still roll it around in a plate of potato starch, right before you fry the pieces of meat.

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