C&A 50% sale on sale: sandals and underwear

In the summer, I happened to be in the C&A store in the Beurstraverse, Rotterdam, as I wanted to buy a drink or an ice cream at the McDonalds because it was so warm. Coincidentally, they were having a 50% discount on all sale items, so I was able to buy a couple of things with a huge discount. I normally don't buy any of my clothing at C&A, but I always seem to stumble on something nice every once in a while. It was a good move to put a McDonalds restaurant right in the middle of their store, as it lures a young crowd, who might buy something, after seeing it on their way there.  

C&A pink sandals with rose gold studs sale

The first thing that caught my eye, was this pair of pink sandals with beautiful, rose gold studs. Originally, they were €24,90 and discounted to €12. After another 50% off, they were only €6. It was a bargain and I thought it was even okay if I only wore it for one summer and throw it away afterwards, but the quality is reasonably good and they are comfortable to walk on. There weren't any in my size 39, but I tried size 38 and it fit as a glove. Maybe, the sizes run a bit larger than normal. This is good to know if I ever decide to buy shoes from C&A on their website.
C&A pink sandals with rose gold studs and underwear
Right outside of the McDonalds restaurant, they also put racks full with underwear. I never thought of buying underwear at the C&A, as I prefer buying them in lingerie stores. But the designs were cute and pretty and for the price of €5 and €6 per set, I was willing to take a risk. I have worn one of the 2 sets already and they are quite comfortable. Now, I just have to see how long they will hold up, after a few washes.
Update: the underwear has held up quite well, but the fabric was not very comfortable during the summer, as it got a bit stuffy.

Bad clothing factories in India

On a more serious note, I saw in the news (www.nu.nl) today that Dutch clothing brands such as C&A, Coolcat, G-star, MEXX, and Scotch & Soda, are accused of letting their clothes be made in factories in India, where the working conditions are really bad. The first reactions seems to be denial to protect their image, but I hope that they can come out with a clear statement about where their clothing are made and how they make sure that every employee is treated humanely. If this isn't the case yet, they should let us know of their plan on how to achieve that. I know companies have to be profit-oriented to keep running, but I hope we can all work together to create an honest and equal world. A win-win situation for all. I love my bargains (my motto is the money you save, is the same as money you earned ^_^), but I would hate to see that it came at the expense of people, who are already living in bad circumstances.   

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