Wah Nam Hong 2nd food bloggers event

Last month, I attended the second food bloggers event organized by Wah Nam Hong supermarket. The theme of the first food bloggers event was hotpot and stir-frying with a wok. I discovered many unfamiliar-and-new-to-me ingredients in the quiz and learned some things about Chinese food and cooking that I didn't know yet.   

This time, the theme is steaming food.

 Wah Nam Hong restaurant markthal bamboo steamer baskets

I think you might recognize these bamboo steamer baskets if you have visited a Chinese dim sum restaurant before. In the Chinese kitchen, there are many dishes made by steaming them. Not only dim sum, but also dishes like a whole fish, chicken pieces, pork ribs, and beef balls. It is a healthy way of making food, since you are barely using any oil to cook them. It is the same with the hotpot.

The bloggers event also had a VIP guest, the ambassador of Indonesia, I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, who came by to meet us. Food is an important aspect of culture and by spreading the word out about Asian food, we can create more interest in them. People might want to try making Asian dishes themselves by buying the ingredients at the Wah Nam Hong supermarket, eat them at Asian restaurants (note: the Wah Nam Hong restaurant above the Wah Nam Hong supermarket in the Markhal), or visit Asian countries to explore the food culture. I haven't really made Indonesian food before. Except for maybe the peanut green beans and chicken satay I made for my Indonesian crush, when I was in high school. He said it was better than what his mom made, so I took it as a compliment. I would like to try out more Indonesian dishes in the future.       

ambassador indonesia netherlands

Tour through the Wah Nam Hong supermarket

Caroline Wimmers also took us on a tour through the Wah Nam Hong supermarket again. She showed us the fresh vegetables section, the Chinese medicine section, the prawn crackers section, the Chinese medicinal soup section, the noodles and rice section, and the frozen food section. "The gua bao (a flat white bun with a opening for a filling), she says, is a trendy dish that should get more attention."  

Wah Nam Hong winkel markthal gua bao

 I also saw these duck products for the first time (note: duck claws and duck tongue).

Wah Nam Hong restaurant markthal duck tongue claws

Masterclass: steaming rice noodles

Next, Tim Kan thought us how to make rice noodles from scratch and a nice sweet and savory sauce to eat it as Hong Kong style rice noodle rolls (豬腸粉). Underneath, you can see the ingredients that you need to make them. You can find the video of the masterclass here.

rice noodles ingredients
rice noodles sauce ingredients chu chung fan

After steaming the various dishes, we got to have a small tasting session. The rice noodle rolls were nice and chewy and I really liked the sweet and sour peanut butter sauce and the sweet hoisin sauce. There were also some mantou with chocolate swirls (available in the frozen food section of the Wah Nam Hong supermarket).

wah nam hong restaurant markthal rotterdam tasting

 Chicken sui mai (chicken dumplings covered with a wanton wrapper)
 chicken sui mai in a bamboo steamer basket

 Ha kau (shrimp dim sum)

Wah Nam Hong restaurant markthal ha kau

Lastly, we also got a tour in the Markthal, which will be covered in this blog post.

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