Markthal Rotterdam World Food Day tour - part 2

I was a bit afraid that I would visit the same shops as in the mini tour of the Markthal, which was part of the 2nd Wah Nam Hong food bloggers event, but even though 2 shops were the same, I got a different story from them. The first shop that I had visited in a tour before, was Natuurlijk!. 

natuurlijk! markthal rotterdam cherry tomatoes in different colors


The previous time, I received a short explanation and tasting of various cress kinds. I also got to taste one of the yellow cherry tomatoes, which almost looked like a grape to me. It tasted sweet and not sour at all. This time, I was given a small cup of their yellow cherry tomato soup with some Tahoon cress on top. It tasted similar to a non-spicy mustard soup and the Tahoon cress had a delicious nutty flavor. It is one of the first kinds of cress that I would consider buying again, as it didn't have any part that someone could possibly dislike. From the description, it is supposed to taste like mushroom, truffle, and nutty. I can also really recommend the soup as it is made from 40 yellow cherry tomatoes and a bit of basil. It tasted very healthy and not sour at all.

With the winter coming up, it would be a great idea to stock up on these soups.

natuurlijk! markthal rotterdam yellow cherry tomato soup

Fresh Food Friends markthal Rotterdam

Fresh Food Friends 

Three companies, Treuren Wild en gevogelte (poultry), Schmidt Zeevis (seafood), and Nice to Meat (meat) have combined their powers and created Fresh Food Friends (FFF). You can buy all kinds of fresh meat for at home, but you can also enjoy them at the ground floor bar or on the rooftop terrace restaurant. The Nice to Meat shop has some very rare meat kinds such as Wagyu Beef from 3 continents, The Duke of Berkshire pork, and Dry Aged Black Angus Beef. They also work as a caterer, so you can order all kinds of dishes for you to take home. It is great when you want to impress your boy- or girlfriend or if you want to have an easy and stress-free Christmas meal.

Fresh Food Friends markthal Rotterdam bar and opposite of Bram LadageI really like the bar tables at the sides of the fresh food shops, where you can see your food getting prepared right in front of you, and the useful hooks underneath the table, where you can hang your bags and umbrella.
At Schmidt Zeevis, you can buy various buns filled with Dutch herring, ale, smoked salmon, mackerel, Dutch mini shrimps, and salmon/crab/mackarel/tuna cream (from €3.50-5.95). The Nice to Meat and Treuren Wild en gevogelte have their own snack corners too.

Opposite of the Schmidt Zeevis and Nice to Meat steak and meatball bar, is the Bram Ladage (Dutch potato fries), so you could go there afterwards to complete your meal.    

On the rooftop terrace, the oysters (€2.95 each/ 6 for €16/12 for €30), meatballs with truffle mayonnaise (€6.50), and tasting platter with meat and seafood (€14.50) are highly recommended. Their coffee has also won the prize of best coffee of Rotterdam for the second year in a row. So after your meal, you might want to enjoy a coffee (€2.75) with a piece of cake from de Patissier (€4.25), which is a dessert and sweets shop also located in the Markthal.

Fresh Food Friends markthal Rotterdam steakbar
Fresh Food Friends markthal Rotterdam schmidt zeevis seafood

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