McDonalds Maestro chicken and beef and iced frappé white chocolate raspberry

The last few times, I was lured to the McDonalds by new products were the Chicken Sensation burger and the Iced frappé chocolate chip and McFlurry Rocky road. Recently, the new Maestro burger with 100% Angus beef got very popular here in the Netherlands and McDonalds decided to introduce two new Maestro burgers with double patties in the varieties chicken and beef. 

McDonalds maestro burger chicken value meal voordeelmenu

McDonalds Maestro burger premium chicken

I tried the McDonalds Maestro burger premium chicken first. It has two thick slices of fried chicken breasts, two strips of crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, red onion rings, Batavia lettuce, sandwich sauce, and Wild Mustard sauce. The special bun has sesame seed and poppy seed. 

McDonalds maestro burger chicken
McDonalds maestro burger double chicken patty

I really like that they used whole pieces of chicken breast and not ground up chicken. It is one of the reasons why the McSpicy Chicken Filet from McDonalds Hong Kong is my all-time favorite McDonalds burger. I do miss the crunchy crust though, as the fried chicken breasts of the Maestro Chicken burger have a thin crust with a strong roasted/browned flavor. The burger also has a slice of natural cheddar cheese in between the patties and it is very different from the more artificial cheddar cheese that you get with the cheeseburger or the Big Mac. It has a very strong cheese flavor and together with the strong roasted flavor from the patties, it can be a bit much, but the refreshing, white sandwich sauce, together with the - not too spicy - mustard mayonnaise sauce, balanced it out a bit.

McDonalds maestro burger chicken double patty and whole chicken breast
McDonalds maestro burger chicken wild mustard sauce

 McDonalds Maestro burger Angus beef

Outside, I saw that they introduced the new Iced Frappé white chocolate raspberry and I decided to get that, together with the McDonalds Maestro burger Angus beef with double patties. I had tried the McDonalds Maestro burger Angus beef with one patty before and I liked the different, richer beef flavor compared to the normal hamburger patties at McDonalds. I expected to get two of those patties in one burger, but the Angus beef patties were thinner than the one before. It made the Angus beef patty less juicy and drier, so I would rather have one thick patty than two thinner patties. The Maestro burger Angus beef also doesn't have the sandwich sauce of the Maestro burger premium chicken and has ketchup instead. To me, it doesn't match as well with the Wild Mustard sauce, but it does however match with the beef patties.    

McDonalds Iced frappé white chocolate raspberry and maestro burger angus beef
McDonalds maestro burger angus beef double patty

 Iced Frappé white chocolate raspberry

I was pleasantly surprised by the Iced Frappé white chocolate raspberry (medium, €2.75). It isn't too sweet or too sour and you can really taste the creamy white chocolate with a hint of raspberry. It is like a very high quality raspberry milkshake with a rich white chocolate flavor and crunchy white chocolate bits, made lighter and more refreshing by the crushed ice.

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