New in the Markthal Rotterdam

During the Word Food Day tour through the Markthal, I discovered many new shops, such as the traditional Dutch smoked sausage shop from De Groene Weg organic butcher shop, and in this blog post, I will introduce the rest to you. I have not been able to include them all, but here are some of my discoveries.  

markthal rotterdam netherlands rooftop terraces

Beautiful rooftop terraces

Compared to the first time I visited the Markthal, the rooftop terraces have become more beautifully decorated. There are elegant parasols, lights, candles, comfy pillows, and bar chairs. I still find it amazing that you will be sitting right on top of an open store.

wooden lounge chairs markthal rotterdam netherlands
felicity chinese bakery markthal rotterdam netherlands

 arjaa's best italian deli in town rotterdam markthal netherlands

Shop no. 47: Arjaa's 

I discovered that they have really delicious looking cannoli (pistachio filling!) for €1. It is a bit expensive for such a small piece, but I might buy some, when I have something to celebrate. 

vayni's nachos markthal rotterdam netherlands

 Shop no. 5: Vayni's coffee

Here, you can get alcoholic drinks such as Italian beer, nachos, coffee, and cakes. I think the concept is coffee and cakes during the day and alcoholic drinks and snacks at night. I was drawn in by the word "nachos" on the blackboard. I don't think there is anything related to Mexican food in the Markthal yet, so they could expand this concept further by creating interesting bar snacks, such as small burrito bites or something. Nachos with interesting toppings sounds good to me too.  

 de engel roasted meat markthal rotterdam netherlands

 Shop no. 31: De Engel

I didn't know that I could get a sandwich filled with roasted suckling pig (in Dutch: broodje speenvarken) for just €6. The other sandwiches with names, that I have never heard of, look very interesting too. I also like that they still have the old-school Coca Cola glass bottles.

de engel roasted meat markthal rotterdam netherlands roast suckling pig

Temporary pop-up stores

I don't know for sure, but I think that these are temporary pop-up stores that will only be here for 3 months or less.

van Delft de pepernotenfabriek markthal rotterdam netherlands

 Van Delft de pepernotenfabriek

On 5 December every year, we celebrate Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands and pepernoten (=small dome shaped cookies with "Speculaas" spices) is one of the traditional treats. In this shop, you can find special kinds such as chocolate covered, pina colada, "zure mat" (=flat, wide strings of candy with a sour flavor and sugar coating), caramel sea salt, chocolate truffle, chocolate truffle-cinnamon, tiramisu, Irish coffee, raspberry, orange, cappuccino, caramel, and yogurt.  

The shop is located at the main back entrance (if you went in from the front exit near the Blaak subway station). 

van Delft chocolade pepernoten markthal rotterdam netherlands

madame cocos homemade coconut pastry markthal rotterdam netherlands

Madame Cocos 

Madame Cocos sells homemade coconut pastry in several different flavors. This is a bit strange, as I remember the IJssalon (=ice cream parlor in the Markthal) selling coconut pastry too. But I guess, some healthy competition is good. On their website and webshop, I discovered that their main product is actually jars with coconut pastry dough, which you can use to make your own coconut pastry at home. They only sell the already made coconut pastry on events (and now at this temporary shop in the Markthal) to promote their product. The waiting lines were very long, so I think they must taste very good. 

 This shop is located at the front entrance near the Blaak subway station.

madame cocos homemade coconut pastry golden brown markthal rotterdam netherlands

Friesland Campina boerenland yoghurt bar markthal rotterdam netherlands

Shop 70: BoerenLand yoghurt bar

Campina Friesland BoerenLand yogurt can be bought in 1 liter cartons in the supermarket and I think they opened this yogurt bar as a way to promote their yogurt. For €3.25, you get a cup of yogurt (low or full fat) with fixed toppings or create your own mix (+ €0.75). These are the 6 fixed flavors:
- Blueberry. Blueberry, mango, pineapple, and walnut.
- Strawberry. Strawberry, raspberry, granola, and almond.
- Fig. Fig, blueberry, spelt cookie, and coconut flakes.
- Mango. Mango, granola, mint, and chili flakes. 
- Cucumber. Cucumber, granola, pecan nuts, and coconut flakes. 
- Radish. Radish, walnut, beet chips, and black sesame.

 This shop is located in a corner of De Wereld van Smaak shop.

Drink 'n Dine pop-up living room restaurant

I forgot to take a picture, but a Drink 'n Dine pop-up living room restaurant has opened on the right of the back entrance, from 15 until 29 October 2016. Amateur cooks will serve lunch and dinner and for €30, you can get a three course meal with 1 drink at every course and €5 of that amount will go to the local food bank. Make sure to reserve on their website. 

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