Ikea pick-and-mix candy and ginger cookies

It is sad to see Marks & Spencer go (Where do I get my British food from now on?), but at least, I can still have a taste of some Swedish food at the IKEA.

Not too long ago, I discovered that the IKEA store has a whole wall filled with transparent bins of candy. For €0.75 per 100 gr, you can pick-and-mix the candy that you like. Back then, I bought a bag with 5 different kinds of candy. I only picked the ones that looked the most delicious and some I had never seen before. 

Ikea pick-and-mix candy

The paper bag is already something that makes it a joy to receive. Who wouldn't want to get this bag filled with candy? 

Ikea pick-and-mix candy four kinds
Ikea pick-and-mix candy four kinds review

What do I think?

I can't remember the exact names of the candy, so I will just use a description of the candy. 

Soda bottle candy
It has a bubblegum and soda flavor. It is sour-sweet and that's my favorite kind of candy!

Light pink round candy
This tastes similar to a Mentos with strawberry flavor. I haven't eaten that for a while, so I can't really compare. But it is tasty!

Dark pink round candy
It has an unusual berry flavor and a hint of chocolate. The rice crispy part inside is also a bit strange, it tasted a bit like paper/stale bread. Not sure, if I got a bad batch or that it is supposed to be this way and I am just not used to it yet.  

Pink-white flat disk candy
It is a sugar-covered foam candy. It is a bit too overly sweet for me.  

A roll of cola sour candy
This is one of my all-time childhood favorites and there isn't anything that could go wrong with it. It tasted like I expected and it was fun eating the whole roll by myself without sharing. It is however on the heavy side and it might be better for me to buy a bag at my local supermarket than to pay for it per 100 gr. But sometimes, I just want a small taste of it and buying a whole bag, which I will never finish, seems like a waste too.  

Ikea pick-and-mix candy cola sour roll zure mat

 Tin of IKEA ginger cookies

Since Christmas is near, IKEA will have a festive looking tin filled with ginger cookies (€3.80, 500 g). The one that you can see in the picture is from some time ago. This year's tin is red. The ginger cookies are one of my favorites, as they are thin, crunchy, and they have a nice ginger flavor. On the website, I found out that they also have almond-ginger cookies. I am very curious about that.

Tin of IKEA ginger cookies pepparkaka
IKEA ginger cookies pepparkaka

The IKEA store, which is the closest to me, is the store in Barendrecht. When I finish shopping, I always like to pay a visit to the bistro. 


At the bistro, you can get a hotdog (€0.50, made of chicken), a small pizza (€2), meatballs (10 for €2), and soft-serve ice cream (€0.50 + €0.20 to add a kitkat in it). There are also fruit water and ice teas (€1.50, unlimited re-fill), which are healthier than sodas.

I am really curious about the frozen yogurt (€1), + €0.30 (choose from: strawberry jam, raspberry & blueberry jam, caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce), + €0.30 (choose from: mini m&m's, chocolate crispies, dark or white chocolate bits, crispy nuts, disco dip, and the Dutch "stroopwafel"), and + €0.50 for some fresh fruit.

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