Review: Marks and Spencer All butter biscuits for cheese

Although I like sweet snacks - such as the previously reviewed Marks and Spencer chocolate bites in bins - , I have a preference for savory snacks. People tell me that I am lucky that I live in the Netherlands, where they have great cheese. Any snacks with cheese on it or with a cheese flavor, I would like. That's why, I couldn't resist this large tin of Marks and Spencer All Butter Biscuits for Cheese. 

Marks and Spencer All butter biscuits for cheese leek and west country cheddar wholegrain mustard cornish sea salt and black pepper

The description of the three kinds of biscuits already sounded very promising: leek & West country cheddar, wholegrain mustard, and Cornish sea salt and black pepper. On the back, I found a picture of the biscuits and I was immediately sold. One of my favorite Hong Kong biscuits are the Garden Pop Pan Spring Onion and Chive crackers (at least: before they used less oil to make them. Why is the light and healthy trend ruining everything?). So, the abundance of leek (seeing the visible green smears on the biscuits in the picture) and the mention of cheddar cheese made me already convinced that I would like at least one kind of the biscuits.

Marks and Spencer All butter biscuits for cheese picture on the back

 What do I think?

The biscuits don't look as delicious as in the picture, but I can say that they didn't disappoint me all that much. At first, the biscuits taste a bit like old, stale cookies, but after chewing for a while, you will get used to the odd texture and the flavors will melt in your mouth. I tried eating the biscuits with some young and soft cheese on top and they don't seem to taste that good together. Maybe, it tastes better with cheeses that have a stronger flavor, but with the cheese I normally like to eat, the flavors of the biscuits get lost. So in the end, I ate most of biscuits without anything on top. It tasted good enough as is.  

Marks and Spencer All butter biscuits for cheese without topping

Leek and west country cheddar (biscuit with small shreds of green, on the bottom left)
It has a light, almost unnoticeable cheddar flavor with a tiny bit of leek flavor. This one has the least flavor out of the three flavors.

Wholegrain mustard (brown biscuit with black mustard seeds, on the bottom right)
It looks the brownest of the three and with lots of mustard seeds. This one has the most flavor out of the three. It seriously has a very heavy mustard flavor with many layers.

Cornish sea salt and black pepper (lightest biscuit with blacks dots of pepper, on top)
It has some small dots of fragrant black pepper and several chunky bits of sea salt here and there. But you don't have to worry that it is too spicy or salty, it has just the minimal amount to eat without anything on top.

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