Schouwburgplein Rotterdam

I have shortly mentioned the Schouwburgplein on my blog before, but when I needed to wait for someone for dinner in the area, I took the opportunity to take more pictures to show you.

Rotterdam schouwburgplein

Special temporary projects and events

Over the summer, these colorful yellow, orange, and white lounge chairs and large white tent were placed on the Schouwburgplein for people to relax outdoors, when it is too hot to stay cooped up at home. Before,  there was a large baby art object on this square. For a period of time, there was also an outdoor yoga event every Sunday morning.   

Calypso building

From the Schouwburgplein, you can also get a good view of the Calypso building with its geometrical, metallic shapes and bright red accents. It was designed by William Alsop.

Calypso building Rotterdam
Calypso building Rotterdam parking lot

Right underneath the Schouwburgplein, is a large underground parking lot (in dutch: Parkeergarage). You can see the entrance/exit in the picture above. In the right upper corner, you can also see the top part of the Marriott hotel Rotterdam.

Cultural center

The Schouwburgplein can also be considered as the cultural center of Rotterdam, as you can find a large concert building, a large play theater, and a large movie theater.

de doelen Rotterdam

de Doelen

de Doelen is a large concert building, where you can enjoy classical music performances. You can also enjoy a meal at the large restaurant on ground floor. A monthly changing, three-course meal made with local ingredients and with two glasses of wine included costs only €32.50. Make sure to make reservations at least two days beforehand.

Pathé movie theatre Rotterdam

Pathé movie theater

Pathé movie theater is a place where you can see mostly mainstream movies. For arthouse movies, you can visit the LantarenVenster and Kino. Pathé is working together with several eateries in the area and by ordering the "Pathé filmdiner", you can get a free movie ticket per person for the Pathé movie theater with your meal. The restaurants you can choose from are: Amigo (all-you-can-eat Mexican tapas for €24.50), Brasserie Barclay (Dutch cafe food), Café Beurs (three course meal for €24.50, Dutch cafe food), Café restaurant Floor (three course meal for €25.75, Dutch cafe food), De Beren (three course meal for €26.50, simple Dutch cafe food), Ellis Gourmet burger (hamburgers) and the Pepper trail (Indian food).

Before, I had eaten at the Schipper potato fries stand and the Bagels and Beans, which are in close vicinity too.   

Rotterdamse Schouwburg theatre

 Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Rotterdamse Schouwburg is a play theater, where you can enjoy plays, talk shows, and music. Right next to it, is the Cafe restaurant Floor, which I was about to have dinner at. You will see a review of that on my blog tomorrow.

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