High tea at Yoghurt Barn The Hague

In the weekend, I went to have a high tea for four people at Yoghurt Barn The Hague. I found a Groupon deal and I only needed to pay €53.99 (original price: €95.60, €19.95 per person). For that price, you get all the delicious food and drinks that you can see in the picture underneath. Also included is a small frozen yogurt with a syrup of choice and a small container of homemade granola to take home.

high tea for four at Yoghurt barn Den Haag The Hague

Yoghurt Barn unlimited tea slow tea tea bar Amsterdam 8 kinds

First, we got two large pots of boiling water and a tray with 8 kinds of tea to choose from. The tea is unlimited, so you can ask for more boiling water if it isn't enough. I wanted to try a lot of tea flavors, so I only filled the large tea glass for a half. To make the tea: pick the flavor that you want, put one spoon of the tea leaves in the paper tea filter, and let it soak in boiling water for 4-6 minutes. The green teas need to be made with more cooled down water, so try these out later.

I tried the Mon Cheri (sweet cherry and raspberry flavor with a little hint of rose), Notendroom (caramelized almonds and a hint of apple cinnamon), Champagne thee (champagne, but without the alcohol flavor), and Hello Sunshine (a light green tea with floral notes).

Yoghurt Barn 8 kinds of slow tea from tea bar Amsterdam earl grey amsterdam blend china jasmijn champagne hello sunshine mon cheri rooibos notendroom

Not too long after, a waitress brought us the large round tray of food and drinks that you could see in the first picture. They were out of frozen yogurt, so they gave us a large bowl of fresh fruit in place of that. I think it has something to do with that it is still winter and the ice cream season hasn't started yet. Although I was really curious about the frozen yogurt, I still thought that it wasn't that bad as some of the yogurt varieties needed more fruit in it to taste good. 

Yoghurt Barn break break white bread raisin banana bread fruit

As we were quite hungry (it was 13:00 and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet), we started with the bread. The bread (one piece of the brown break bread, one round piece of white bread, and a slice of raisin-banana bread) wasn't warm, but the crust was still a bit crispy. The bread wasn't that special in terms of flavor, but is was okay with the chive spread (chive flavor isn't strong enough and not cheesy enough) and red bell pepper spread (nice, subtle bell pepper flavor). The banana bread is a bit dense and on the dry side, so putting a layer of butter on top is a must.

There were also four glasses of biological fruit juices (two flavors: apple and elderberries), but I didn't really like them. I tried a bit of the apple juice and it had a strange, bitter end taste from the other fruit that they mixed into it and the elderberries juice tasted a bit like bitter red wine, but without the alcohol flavor.   

Yoghurt Barn bread and yoghurts

After the bread, we finally tried the delicious looking yogurt varieties in small glasses. At the right, there is the Brownie Bango (mango, brownie, and walnuts), Merry Berry (jam, blueberries, and raspberries), Choco Caramba (banana, coconut, chocolate, and hazelnuts), and Energy Explosion (banana, figs, and roasted almonds).

Yoghurt Barn yoghurt flavors specials pomegranate tony chocolonely milk chocolate brownie walnut cookie kiwi mango brownie bango crazy cookie

At the back, there is two glasses of the seasonal special Tony Chocolonely milk chocolate, pomegranate, and sand cookies), Brownie Bango (mango, brownie, and walnuts), and Crazy Cookie (kiwi, Bastogne cookies, and cinnamon sugar).

First, I tried the seasonal special with Tony Chocolonely milk chocolate pieces, pomegranate, and sand cookies at the bottom. I really like the sweet milk chocolate with the tart yogurt and the light bursts of fruitiness from the pomegranate. I am not sure if I got a strange glass, but the sand cookies on the bottom was very salty. The other person who also tried that yogurt variety said there was no problem with his.

Afterwards, I tried the Energy explosion yogurt with slices of banana on the bottom and figs and roasted almonds on top. The figs tasted a bit bland and the banana wasn't sweet either, so I needed to add spoons of fruit from the bowl of the fresh fruit to save it.

Yoghurt Barn carrot cake sharp sharp pastry bread

While I was starting to feel full, I still had three desserts left to try: the colorful Sharp Sharp bites, the carrot cakes, and the brownies.

I was the most curious about the carrot cake. It looked so airy and fluffy, which isn't what I expect when I hear carrot cake. In the cake, there are visible shreds of carrot, nuts, and chocolate pieces, and even chunks of pineapple. On top, there is a thick layer of sweet butter cream and a roasted pecan nut. The soft cake tasted really good with the creamy butter cream. The flavors are also balanced very well. Not one element is too sweet or too sour. 

Yoghurt Barn carrot cake

The brownies were really good. You only get a small cube of brownie, but it is as if you are eating a soft and creamy piece of sweet, rich dark chocolate with pieces of walnuts near the bottom and some sprinkled on top. You can't see it as a cake, it is more like a fudge.

Yoghurt Barn fruit sharp sharp bites pastry fruit brownie walnut

Lastly, there are four pieces of Sharp Sharp bites (gluten free, lactose free, and free of refined sugars), but I wanted to try two flavors, so I cut them in cubes, just like the brownies. The four Sharp Sharp bites we got were lemon, raspberry, strawberry, and dates. I tried the lemon (very good lemon flavor and it melted in my mouth) and the dates (like dates ground up with some nuts and dried flowers on top). I really love the strong zest from the lemon and the dates bites weren't as sweet as I thought. It was like eating a soft nut bar, but without too much nuts. Based on what I heard, the raspberry bites had a delicious crunchy layer of raspberry-white chocolate on top and the strawberry bites had a nice sweet and sour flavor.  

Yoghurt Barn sharp sharp bites pastry lemon strawberry raspberry date nuts

The high tea might not look like much from the pictures, but I got so full that I only had a bowl of soup for dinner and I didn't even had breakfast beforehand. In the rush to get out and explore The Hague a bit more - after discovering that we got too comfortable and enjoyed the high tea for two hours long -, I forgot to ask for the containers with the homemade granola. I contacted the store afterwards and they kindly told me that I could come get it, when I visit the Yoghurt Barn again.

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