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I have always regretted that I had never been a crazy fan girl for anyone before. I was way too serious as a kid to scream at the stage, buy flowers and gifts for them, or to stalk idols from the airport to their hotel. I think the closest I got was buying tickets for a Lang Lang piano concert at the Doelen in Rotterdam and after checking his schedule in the Netherlands, going to the Donner book store to see his demonstration there too. But people say that it is never too late.

Lately, I have been going through some stressful times and I rekindled my old love for figure skating. I don't know what it is, but watching a figure skating performance calms me down. I think it has a similar effect as listening to classical music. I discovered that there is a talented, young skater from the United States, called Nathan Chen, and I really like his performances. It makes me wish that I could be 17 years old again (but minus the feelings of insecurity and angst).   

For the people out there who are also having a lot of stress or are also feeling a bit down, I will share some videos I found of him. You can also go support him on his GoFundMe page.

A video in which he wears a cool prince charming outfit in red with gold accents. Five quads! The comment about him being mortal after all makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

A video without any annoying commentary (+ bonus warm up)

A video in which he is wearing a glittery, black lace outfit (where does he get all his beautiful clothes? And sorry, I got a bit distracted by the popped button)

A video in which you can see him really enjoy skating and performing with modern music.

Another reminder of how great men look in black and he is showing a bit of his mischievous side.

#Throwback to 2016: cool aladdin inspired costume with multi-color sparkles (especially pretty at 4:50 mark) and feather shapes in deep purple, yellow, orange, and turquoise.

#Throwback to 2015: Traditional mixed with the modern - a Michael Jackson medley

Helsinki 2017 World figure skating championships men short program practice

Helsinki 2017 World figure skating championships men short program. He fell during the triple axel, which is the jump I find the most beautiful. I hope he does well at the free skating. 

#Bromance moment: Yuzuru Hanyu tries to cheer Nathan up during the Men Short program press conference.

Helsinki Worlds 2017 Men Free skate. Nathan attempted 6 quads, but he didn't succeed.

He didn't make it to the top 3. But he took it as a true sport and he was still even to smile his disappointment about his performance off and he had learned a lot. He will now bring two broken in skates with him during competitions and he will become better in handling the pressure and stress of such a big event (it is his first worlds after all!). Maybe, he can try the 4-7-8 breathing technique to sleep better and relax. Going home empty handed might get to him a little bit, but this makes a victory at the Olympics in 2018 that much sweeter. What ruins most genius children is that they get succesful too fast and too easy. Some setbacks are actually not a bad thing. #positivethinking And don't forget to have fun on the ice. It seemed to me that during the performances he started to get very focussed on not falling and in between, mentally preparing himself to perform the next difficult jump.

I think this is the last competition of season 2016/2017 and he will return after the summer. I feel a bit sad to see the costumes change as those two were my favorites.

World Team Trophy Tokyo 2017 - Short program

World Team Trophy Tokyo 2017 - Free skating

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