What to do and where to eat around Nijo castle

As I mentioned before in this blog post, I couldn't find anything to eat near Nijo castle. I kept walking around in deserted streets with very small mom and pop stores. To make sure this doesn't happen to you (or me again), I looked up what there is to do in the area and where you can grab a bite. 

Nijo castle kyoto japan water stream stepping stones father daughter

I took the exit from Nijo castle as the starting point. 

  • When you exit Nijo castle, turn to the left and walk along the long outer moat of Nijo castle (Horikawa dori). At the very end and after another street block away, you can find a large Daily Qanat supermarket at the corner and inside, there is a Mos burger and a bakery. Across the street from the supermarket, you can find a Matsuya, a fast food chain with affordable rice meals and famous for their beef rice bowls and Japanese curry. 
  • When you exit Nijo castle and turn to the right instead, you will find Nakau after a short while. You can get some affordable rice bowls and udon here.  
  • I am not sure where exactly it was, but I think it was on the left side too, but across the street. I took a picture of this water stream, where you can take your shoes and socks off and walk in it. I was able to capture an endearing father-daughter moment in the picture. It looks like a fun thing to do during the summer. 
  • Kyoto international manga museum. Opposite of the Nijo castle, there is a big ANA Crowne plaza hotel Kyoto. Walk on the Oshikoji dori, which is the the street on the right side of the hotel. After some time, you will find yourself at an intersection with a large street (Karasuma dori). Then, you need to turn to the right to reach the museum. Across the street from Kyoto international manga museum, you can find a Sukiya (famous for their affordable beef bowls) and behind that, a cute Doughnut cafe called nicotto & mam, which sells natural yeast, handmade doughnuts.   
  • A bit further away, you can also find the Kyoto imperial Palace, the Museum of Kyoto, and the Nishiki market shopping street. 
  • Nearby temples are Higashi-Honganji temple and Nishi-Honganji temple. 

Here is a small peek into the main entrance (Higashiote-mon) of Nijo castle, which will be covered in this blog post.

nijo castle kyoto Japan entrance peek into park trees Higashiote-mon main gate

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