A tour inside Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan - part 1

The entrance of the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is located on the 3rd floor, but it is basically ground floor after taking the stairs at the outside of the building. There, you can buy entrance tickets at the ticket counter and pass through the ticket gates. Immediately, you will feel as if you are walking into a magical undersea world, as you go through the Aqua Gate, which is a tunnel-shaped water tank filled with fish. It is 11 m long and you get to see sea creatures such as Cownose ray, Foxface, and Damselfishes.  

Aqua gate tunnel shaped water tank filled with fish Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

But since you are still on the 3rd floor, you need to take the giant escalator to the 8th floor first and walk your way down. This is the way that the aquarium is organized. You start at the top and slowly walk down on the sloped walking paths (tip: wear comfortable shoes). First, you will see the water animals that can walk on land and end with fish that live on the bottom of the ocean. I can tell that they made great effort into making you feel as if you are slowly sinking deeper into the ocean and meeting different sea animals that live in those depths.

In this blog post, I will take you on a tour to the Japan Forest, the Aleutian Islands, and the Monterey bay, which are areas on the highest floors of the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

Japan Forest

In the Japan forest area, you will be surrounded by Japanese plants, waterfalls, and trees and the animals that you can find there are among others: Asian small clawed otter, Giant salamander, Red spotted masou trout, Japanese char, and Japanese freshwater crab.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Asian small clawed otter
 Asian small clawed otter

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Japanese Forest animals Japanese char giant salamander red spotted masou trout

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Japanese freshwater crab geothelphusa dehaani
Japanese freshwater crab (geothelphusa dehaani)

 Aleutian Islands

These are a group of small islands with severe cold temperatures and active volcanoes, housing animals such as sea otters.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan sea otter

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is located near San Francisco on the West coast of the US and you can find many marine mammals there, such as the Harbor seal and California sea lion. Before I didn't even know it, but the difference is that the seal "walks" on its belly and has a fur and the sea lion has a smooth skin and "walks" partially upright. 

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan california sea lion
California sea lion

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan harbor seal
Harbor seal

In the following days, you can expect to find part 2 and part 3 on my blog and also, a video of Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. I will be showing you much more interesting animals, which you may have never seen before. So, don't forget to visit my blog for new updates!

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