Aeon mall Kyoto, Japan

Another reason for choosing New Miyako hotel, was that there is a large Aeon mall next door. We could just shop, eat, and play the whole day without worrying about a thing. 

Aeon shopping mall Kyoto Japan

The Aeon mall in Kyoto has 5 floors and on ground floor (1F), you can find a large Kohyo supermarket (open from 9:00-22:00). Great to stock up on bottles of water and midnight snacks and nibbles. On the fifth floor, there is a large cinema, T-joy Kyoto.

Aeon shopping mall Kyoto Japan multiple floors

Daiso store

The only floor that I was interested in was the fourth floor. There, you can find a large Daiso store. They just have so many different items for just 100 yen (tax excluded) that I could never leave their stores empty handed. You can see what I previously got from Daiso here and here.   

Aeon mall Kyoto Japan Daiso store

What you can also find on the fourth floor is a large Namco arcade hall. 

Namco arcade hall

 Namco arcade game hall in Kyoto Aeon mall

There were also some rides for small children. 

train at namco arcade hall Kyoto aeon mall

The arcade games were quite interesting. This bowling game has real bowling pins and you actually throw the ball yourself. The monitor will show which pins you hit and what your score is.

bowling game at namco arcade hall in kyoto aeon mall

This looks like a cute shooting game designed for girls. Finally, a shooting game that doesn't involve bloody zombies or soldiers.

fun shooting game at namco arcade hall in aeon mall kyoto

This was the game I liked the most. Mario Kart is one of my favorite games and this adds another dimension to it. You actually drive with a steering wheel and you can play against the other person, sitting next to you, while you have your own screen. Player no. 1 against player no. 2.  

mario kart game machine at namco arcade hall in aeon mall kyoto

Besides game machines, there are also grab machines and photo sticker booths. I really wanted to get this Hello Kitty doll (so hairy and fluffy!) and the My Melody doll with the cute tail, but I have zero experience with this machine, so the winning chance is zero. 

cute hairy fluffy hello kitty dolls my melody

At least, I didn't fall for this trap underneath. I just cannot imagine, why you would put 200 yen in this machine to get a pack of Lotte koala bear cookies, which you can just get at the supermarket for less. Maybe, you would do this for the thrill, as having the whole wall of stacked cookie boxes fall into the hole does seem like a fun.

Lotte koala bear cookies grab machine

Restaurants and food court

On the fourth floor of the Aeon mall Kyoto, is also where you can find all the restaurants. The ones I am the most interested in are Baskin Robbins (31 ice cream flavors), Kushiya Monogatari (All you can eat deep-fried skewers, 90 minutes, from 1,499-2,299 yen per person, depending on lunch/dinner and weekday/weekend), and Kyoto Kitayama dining (buffet Japanese/western/Chinese food, 90 minutes, 1,750 yen for lunch and 1,982 yen for dinner).

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