Bram Ladage 50th anniversary - free fries!

Today, it is Bram Ladage - a famous, Rotterdam hand-cut potato fries franchise - 50th anniversary and they decided to give out free fries. Of course, this would create a huge commotion and probably everybody would head to their shops on this day. But luckily, they decided to put some restrictions on that. You can only get a free bag of potato fries on your birthday (this is valid until 9 April 2018, i.e. a whole year) and by showing your ID. This is a really good idea, as everyone (loyal customers and new customers) gets to have a free bag of potato fries and you don't have to fight a crowd for it or stand in line for hours.

Update: this is extended for another year.

Bram Ladage Rotterdam gratis patat free potato fries golden brown mayonaisse

I normally visit the Bram Ladage fries shop on the Binnenwegplein opposite to the Mediamarkt, but they also have a shop in the Markthal. There were several times that the potato fries were too brown and fried too long or soft and soggy from the fat (temperature control of the frying oil is really difficult to master), but most of the time, you get a very delicious bag of crispy, golden brown potato fries that have a great potato flavor. I also really like their latest concept of having a stew on top of fries, called Bram's Gourmet Frites. Their fries are so good that I had to take my niece from China to taste them during her few days here in the Netherlands

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