Easter 2017 snacks from AH, Aldi, and Dirk

Besides the HEMA Easter chocolate eggs, I also had some other Easter snacks this year. It was the first time, I tried these cakes and donuts and they all turned out to be quite tasty. Keep reading to find out more. 

Albert Heijn mini donut lemon

Albert Heijn mini filled lemon donut, 3 for €1.05

It was the first time, I had seen these donuts at the Albert Hiejn bakery section. I think that they are new and especially made for the Easter celebration. It is a very tasty mini donut with crunchy, lemon sugar rocks on top and a lemon curd filling. I hope that they will continue selling these throughout the year.

Aldi carrot cake

 Aldi Carrot cake, 475 g, €3.89

It didn't look as delicious as the Aldi Red velvet cake that I got for Easter last year, which is sold for the same price. So, I never really considered getting this one. But after eating the delicious carrot cake from the Yoghurt Barn, I kind of changed my mind about carrot cakes. It can taste very amazing after all. The carrot cake from Aldi doesn't taste as good in comparison, but it is not that bad. It isn't too sweet or too dry, and the flavors are well-balanced. I think it could use a bit more cream on top or in the middle. It tastes a little bit too healthy for me now, but I am the kind of person that rather eats a small piece of a very delicious cake than a large piece of a healthier cake.  

Aldi carrot cake slice

paastaart Dirk advocaat

Dirk cake with advocaat filling

It is a cake with a star-shaped opening on top and filled with cream. The soft cake had a similar texture to the Dutch "eierkoeken" and the cream was soft and firm. I expected a bit more kick from the "advocaat" (Dutch alcoholic beverage) flavor, but it tasted a bit like sweet, vanilla custard. It is not necessarily a bad thing, as it tasted quite good. Simple flavors and plenty of cream. 

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