Kyoto station and New Miyako hotel

The first time I arrived at Kyoto station, I didn't really have the time and energy to leisurely explore it, but I went there again to find our next hotel. Before, we had stayed one night at the Kyoto Kokusai hotel in front of the Nijo castle, because I planned to visit it in the afternoon that we arrived, but since we were too tired, we only visited the Nijo castle the following day and we didn't explore any other areas in Kyoto. We weren't able to take advantage of the central location of the hotel, but the good thing was that we didn't exhaust ourselves too much to enjoy the rest of our trip in Japan. 

Kyoto station Japan

Before, I only saw the Shinkansen tracks and the subway tracks nearby, but when I got to the main hall of Kyoto station, I was surprised by how modern and crowded it was.

crowded Kyoto station Japan

Since I was staying near the station, I was also able to go there at night and take some "Kyoto station by night" pictures. 
 Kyoto station at night from the outside
Kyoto station at night crowd inside

Kyoto station is very large and it has two main exits on opposite sides. You can find some useful maps of it over here. Although I knew that the hotel was opposite to the station, I didn't know which side it was. So, I decided to go to both sides to have a peek. The first exit I found was the North exit and there, I found the Kyoto tower with the Kyoto tower hotel at the foot of it. This wasn't where my hotel was, so I went to the other side.

Kyoto tower Japan

On the other side, I found the Kintetsu Kyoto station on the right of the exit and the hotel was right across the street from that.

Kintetsu Kyoto station Japan busses

New Miyako hotel

The New Miyako hotel was about a 5 minute walk from the station and I chose this hotel for its convenient location. After Kyoto, we planned to go to Osaka (our last city to visit in Japan), so it is nice to be able to just walk across the street to take the train without any stress.

New Miyako hotel Kyoto Japan

I didn't take any pictures of the room, since we were so tired that we immediately dropped ourselves on to the beds to rest for a bit and just scattered our things everywhere in the room. The room got so messy that it was not going to be easy to take decent pictures of it. I did like the view from the room of the inner courtyard of the hotel, so I took some pictures of that. 

New Miyako hotel Kyoto Japan inner yard view

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