Lunch at the food court of Aeon mall Kyoto

After a good night's sleep at the New Miyako hotel, we headed to the Aeon mall next door to have our first meal of the day. I really liked the look of the food court, when I went there yesterday, and I thought it would be a great idea to have a simple lunch there, before we head out to Osaka.

lunch at food court of Aeon mall Kyoto Japan

I ordered a bowl of ramen with three slices of perfectly made cha siu, a soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, slices of nori, and a rich shoyu soup base.

cha siu tamago soft boiled egg ramen bamboo shoots ramen Aeon mall food court Kyoto Japan

Someone else ordered this rice bowl with juicy and tender chicken, topped with spring onions, nori shreds, and sesame seeds.

toridon chicken rice bowl at Aeon mall food court Kyoto Japan

I was the most envious of the person, who ordered this rice bowl with a half of unagi (grilled eel) and a half of onion and thinly sliced beef stir fry. 

half unagi half gydon beef rice bowl Aeon mall food court Kyoto Japan

What do I think? The dishes were about 1,000 yen each and they were very delicious. They were no frills (no soups/salads/side dishes), but good value for money. The good thing is that it was at a food court, where you can just order whatever you want and still be able to sit with each other. Imagine how it would be if each of us needed to eat alone in separate restaurants, just because we had a craving for something different than the other. You can also get drinks, snacks, and desserts from different places too.

After our meal, we headed to Osaka by train. I left Kyoto with lots of regrets, as I only got to visit Nijo castle and mainly stayed in the neighborhood of Kyoto station. I did get to fulfill my food wishes (excellent Japanese beef, Kyoto tofu skin, grilled fish, simmered vegetables and fish cake, pickled vegetables, second bowl of ramen in Japan, a bit of unagi, snow crab legs, giant ikura, juicy scallops, and Nanao pork), but I missed out on a lot of cultural activities and exploring the city. 

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