Water and light show fountain at Miyakomichi kintetsu mall

At the Miyakomichi kintetsu mall - located in Kyoto station -, I found this cool water and light show fountain. The water drops down like a waterfall, but the water and the light create the illusion that the water is moving in an abnormal way. After a while, you suddenly see heart shapes, circles, smiley faces, and temples, falling down. Some words also fall down, such as the English word "Love", the kanji for "large (大)", and several Japanese words, which fall down so fast that I couldn't read it (I wish I was as good in Japanese as a native). At the end, you will also see the large words: Welcome to Miyakomichi (sideways).  

Like with magic tricks, I tried to find out how it works, but the tiles in the back didn't have small lights that could project the light shapes onto the water. At the front, a lot of people like me were gathered around to admire it, so it couldn't be projected from the front either. At the bottom, it was filled with metallic silver rocks, which gives it a very beautiful water dropping sound. So, the light must have come from above, but that is a bit strange, as the large lights on top didn't change at all and how do you control the length of the light and create shapes with it? I am thinking that they added some metallic dust into the water as it is reflecting way too much for just water, but still, it doesn't explain how it moves in that way. It is a big mystery.

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