New Japanese drinks found at Asian supermarkets

After my second ramen lunch at the Takumi Düsseldorf in Rotterdam, I went grocery shopping at the two Asian supermarkets that you can find in the area, the Wah Nam Hong and the Amazing Oriental. Still having the Japanese Melon ramune soda - that I had during the lunch - linger in my mind (and mouth), I discovered two new, interesting Japanese drinks that have some things in common with that. 

Melon cream soda Wah Nam Hong Asian supermarket Rotterdam the Netherlands

Melon cream soda (330 ml, €1.15) at Wah Nam Hong

My favorite soda is the Cream soda from Schweppes and this one has the artificial melon flavor - that I like a lot! - added to it too. The distinctive melon flavor isn't really strong in this drink, but the sweet, vanilla like cream soda flavor makes up for that. I definitely see this as a great alternative - to change things up every once in a while - to my all-time favorite Cream soda.

Ramune soft drink matcha flavor Amazing Oriental Rotterdam the NetherlandsRamune soft drink matcha (200 ml,  €2.25) at Amazing Oriental

You basically buy this for the pretty glass bottle and the coolness of pressing down the glass marble to open the bottle. Although the combination of matcha tea and a carbonated drink sounded weird at first, it tasted quite good. The matcha flavor was super strong (lingers in your mouth for at least 10 minutes), but the slight bitterness of the carbonated water ruined it a bit for me. The price is also a bit more expensive than the normal ramune flavors such as melon or lychee (€1.70).       

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