Testing burst mode function of camera on a train passing in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Back then, I was trying out a new Sony camera on vacation in Japan and it had a cool burst mode function. I had always wanted to try that out, but I never really found the opportunity. On my way to Shinjuku Gyoen (or should I say, getting lost on my way to it?), I happened to walk on a metro train intersection in the middle of the city. When I saw it, I immediately thought about the burst mode function that I could finally test. It is not perfect, as I probably moved too much while holding the camera, but the yellow flag and the train itself is moving smoothly like in a video. In total, 12 pictures were used to make this gif and the camera made 10 shots per second. I am sorry if watching this makes you dizzy. Maybe, a Japanese train otaku would appreciate my effort. :)

burst mode function Sony camera test gif metro train passing intersection Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

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