Review: AH gelato - pistachio, cherry, and hazelnut

You really need to be careful of what you wish for, as all of a sudden, it has become almost 30 °C in the Netherlands today. What better thing to do than review some ice creams on my blog?

Recently, Albert Heijn supermarket has introduced a new range of gelato, called "AH Luxe Italiaans schepijs" in jars of 500 ml (€3.99). I really love gelato and I almost have to eat it at least once a day, whenever I am in Italy. So, I was really curious to see if they can compare. Of course, I cannot expect these gelato from the supermarket freezer to be as good as the freshly made gelato in ice cream parlors in Italy, but I hope that they can get close.   

Pots AH Albert Heijn Luxe Italiaans schepijs 500 ml pistacchio spagnola nocciola pistachio cherry hazelnut gelato ice cream

It was a bit difficult to decide on which flavors to get as there are a lot of flavors, but I choose pistachio (pistacchio), cherry (spagnola), and hazelnut (nocciola). Pistachio was the easiest choice, as it is one of my all-time favorite ice cream flavors. Secondly, I choose the hazelnut, as hazelnut and chocolate is what they can do magic with in Italy and if I have to choose between hazelnut and chocolate, it would be hazelnut as chocolate ice cream isn't that rare in the Netherlands. Lastly, I picked cherry, as I wanted to try one of the fruit flavors and add some sourness to cut through the sweetness of the other flavors that I picked. The flavors that I haven't tried yet are: stracciatella, chocolate praline (cioccolata pralinato), mandarin (mandarino), yogurt, tiramisu, coconut-chocolate (cocco ciocco), and grapefruit (pomplemo).

I tried the pistachio ice cream first and sadly, it wasn't that good. I think it might just be a personal thing, but the powdery texture of the pistachio ice cream wasn't to my liking. The flavor was okay.

The hazelnut ice cream was a big surprise, as I have never tried hazelnut ice cream before. I really liked it! It has a very rich hazelnut flavor and a nice creaminess (not too creamy and not too watery). It is like Nutella, but without the chocolate. It also isn't too sweet, which is a plus to me.

The cherry ice cream however, wasn't that special. It has a nice creamy and milky ice cream base and real chunks of sugared cherry, but I couldn't taste the cherry that well and there was not even a hint of sourness. I miss a sour-sweet swirl of cherry sauce. Still love the Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and the Cherry mania from Doppio more.     

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