Review: Lacvert green tea herb sheet mask

In my 14th Gmarket order, I bought two jars of the Lacvert Hyaluron cream, just to get the sheet masks that came in the set. Since I wanted to try all four kinds of sheet masks and you only get 5 of two different kinds per set, I needed to buy two jars of a face cream that I have never tried before. I really wanted to get them, as the sheet masks weren't sold separately and I had good results from using the Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks (reviews: avocado, olive, tomato, honey, and pomegranate).      

Review Lacvert green tea herb sheet mask

Function: it contains green tea and herb complexes to reduce pores and regulate sebum, in order to get clean and unblemished skin.
Scent: nice green tea scent, which is not too nauseating sweet. There is a slight bitterness from the tea and herbs, which balances the scent. It is also not too flowery or lemony, which is often the case with green tea scented products. It has one of the best green tea scents that I have smelled up until now.
Fit of the mask: it is a perfect fit in the forehead and temples area. It is a bit small in the eyes area, but maybe it is supposed to cover the eye bags under your eyes. Usually, sheet masks have large eye openings because the skin is thinner and more sensitive there. Around the chin and jaw line, there is just enough fabric to cover them, but not enough to wrap it underneath and on the sides.
Comfort level: the essence is not super sticky on the face or too watery that it keeps dripping. I never felt uncomfortable wearing it on my face. The sheet mask itself is a bit thick, but sits on the face well. You don't get a suffocating feeling on the skin or a heavy feeling.
What do I think?: I tried 5 of the Lacvert green tea herb sheet masks and used them daily for 5 days in a row. I forgot to take a picture of them before using them, so that's why you only see 3 sheet masks and an opened one in the picture above. After using them, I feel that they are not moisturizing enough, but my face did feel less oily, looked matte and not shiny, and pores were easier to clean.

Review Lacvert green tea herb sheet mask taken out of packaging

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