Flower market in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam city center, you can find market stalls at the Binnenrotte every Tuesday (8:00-17:30) and Saturday (8:00-17:00). You can easily reach it by tram, bus, metro, and even train. You only need to remember to get out at metro station Blaak, train station Blaak, or the bus or tram stop Blaak. It is only 5 letters, so you can't really go wrong with that. Besides fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, cookies, candies, chicken, accessories, perfumes, fried fish, spring rolls, potato fries, and clothing, you can also find beautiful flowers and plants.

flower market Rotterdam Netherlands

Among the flowers, you can find signs ("Niet aankomen!!" and "Niet zelf pakken. Wij helpen u graag!!!") that kindly tell you in the typical, direct Rotterdam way to not touch the flowers and let the shop employees personally help you with assembling your bouquet.

flower market Rotterdam Netherlands bouquet
flower market Rotterdam binnenrotte city center

I have been thinking about getting another citrus plant for my balcony to chase away mosquitoes this summer. The two mini lemon trees that I currently have, proved to be really useful for that purpose.

flower market rotterdam lime and mandarin trees

If you still have time, you can visit the Markthal, which is located right next to it. It used to have two flower shops at the front and back entrances, but sadly, they closed already. I took some pictures of the beautiful tulips at one of those shops and it reminded me a bit of my visit to the Keukenhof.

raffled tulips Markthal Rotterdam Netherlands
bright orange tulips Markthal Rotterdam Netherlands

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