Review: Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge 03 - Tiny Sweetpea

The Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge has the moisturizing ability of a lip balm, the color of a lipstick, and the glossines of a lip gloss. That sounded great to me, so while I was ordering another fukubukuro from Japan years ago, I picked out the color 03 - Tiny Sweetpea to go along with my order. Back then, I was crazy about coral and orange shades for my lips (still am!). But I was in the mood to try something new, so based on the sole picture of the lipstick bullet on the web shop page, I thought I was getting a slightly dark, rose red. But when I applied it on my lips for the first time, it is actually a red with a slight orange undertone. It is a very flattering and natural looking red and the orange, rusty red like undertone looks quite nice with my skin tone. However, the wide and flat lipstick bullet doesn't apply that precisely and I keep getting lip balm outside of my lip. It does fulfill its promises, as it is lightweight and full of moisturizing oils like a lip balm, it has a good color pay-off even on my pigmented lips, and it has a pretty, glossy sheen. It also stains the lips like a lip tint. You still need to re-apply every few hours, but it fades in a pretty way. You do need to be careful, as the lip balm can get on your hands and clothes and stain them. The sturdy, metallic looking cap closes with a good snapping sound, so you won't accidentally close it loosely and the cap will not come off that easily and mess up the inside of your toiletry bag or hand bag. The lipstick bullet comes out slowly and it is best to only push out the amount you need. For the summer months, it is also good to know that the lip balm acts like an UV shield for the delicate skin of your lips.  

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge 03 - Tiny Sweetpea review lip swatches

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