Got some ice cream at De IJssalon again!

If I haven't made you drool yet with my previous ice cream blog post, I will now show you some pictures of the ice cream I ate during another one of my visits to De IJssalon this summer.

De IJssalon Meent Rotterdam ice cream flavors

The previous time, I went on a rainy afternoon and I could just walk right up to the ice cream counter. But this time, it was the perfect summer weather for some ice cream, so half Rotterdam was there. I think I waited in line for almost 30 minutes. When I arrived at the front, I saw that they had three interesting new flavors for Ramadan: Osmanli Tulumba, Chebakia, and Dolama. Since there were a lot of people waiting behind me, I couldn't ask them what exactly they were, so I just took a gamble and got the ones that looked the most delicious.

After doing some Internet research, I found out that:
Chebakia are Moroccan honey cookies made up of strips of dough.
Osmanli Tulumba are Turkish, short churros-shaped, fried dough soaked in syrup. 
Dolama are the rolled up kind of baklava with pistachio and honey flavor.

De IJssalon Meent Rotterdam ice cream flavors osmanli tulumba chebakia dolama

I got the Dolama (+€0.50), as I just love anything with pistachio in it, and the White chocolate, which was so amazing that I couldn't forget about it. The Dolama ice cream tasted similar to the normal Pistachio ice cream that De IJssalon has - maybe a bit more honey flavored - and the piece of pistachio dolama was soaked so long in the ice cream that it was soggy and an undefinable mush. You couldn't taste the layers of phyllo dough. I think it would have been a better idea to just keep the dolama in a separate container and kept fresh and flaky. Just add one or two slices on top of the ice cream after scooping it up.   

De Ijssalon Meent Rotterdam dolama ice cream pistachio honey roll baklava white chocolate ice cream

Just like with the Dolama ice cream, the Osmanli Tulumba ice cream (+ €0.50) also had the problem of the pastry being too soggy. I think it would have tasted amazing if they just kept the tulumba separately. The Fior di latte made with milk, sugar, and whip cream (gelato in its purest form) sounded amazing, but even though it had a clean milk flavor, it was a bit plain. I expected a very milky and creamy ice cream, but maybe because I ate it with the other sweeter ice creams, it seemed to fall short.  

De Ijssalon Meent Rotterdam Fior di latte ice cream osmanli tulumba fried churros shaped dough soaked in syrup

Doppio ice cream parlor

I also paid another visit to the Doppio ice cream parlor, but I forgot to take pictures of it. So, I will only mention it shortly here. I tried the flavors: Strawberry sorbet (okay), Straciatella (crunchy, hard dark chocolate bits with creamy and milky ice cream), Melon (great cantaloupe melon flavor, loved it!), and Lime-mint (very refreshing and the two flavors were strong).

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