Lunch at Bakker Bart, The Hague

Lately, I have been going on a lot of day trips in the Netherlands. When you have a lot of things going on, it feels great to be able to just relax and submerge yourself in a new and refreshing environment. Besides getting some delicious ice cream in Amsterdam and having AYCE dim sum in The Hague, I also had lunch at Bakker Bart in The Hague.

Currently, there is a Social deal going on for Bakker Bart in The Hague and Delft. You only pay €3.95 for a Bartje (=triangular piece of bread in different bread varieties) with filling of your choice, a drink of your choice, and a "gevulde koek"(=Dutch, soft cookie filled with almond paste) or donut of your choice. It is basically a filling lunch meal with a sandwich, a drink, and a dessert.

Lunch at Bakker Bart The Hague bartje zalm salmon sandwich

I got the "Bartje Tarwe" (wheat bread) with salmon, herb cheese spread, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. I really like that you can pick the bread that you want out of a showcase filled with different kinds of bread and that the shop employee assembles the sandwich right in front of you. You can leave out the herb cheese spread or any of the vegetables that you might not like.

The bread is not right out of the oven and it doesn't have a really crispy crust. The vegetables aren't super fresh and moist either. But for that affordable price, it is already really good. For the price of a burger at one of the fast food chains, you at least get something, which is very healthy and filling. 

Lunch at Bakker Bart The Hague triangular bread salmon herb cheese spread lettuce

I also choose a bottle of Lipton ice tea green (0.5 l) as my drink and the marshmallow donut as the dessert. The donut was a bit dry, but the sweet pink frosting and chewy mini marshmallows made up for it. 

The person I was with got the "Bartje Tarwe" with omelet, bacon strips, rocket leaves, pinenuts, iceberg lettuce, and tomato. Seeing the size of that sandwich, I feel like he got a better deal. He also got the bottle of Lipton ice tea green for the drink, but he had the "gevulde koek" as dessert.  

Lunch at Bakker Bart The Hague omelet bacon rocket sandwich pinenuts tomato
Lunch at Bakker Bart The Hague omelet bacon rocket sandwich pinenuts tomato triangular bread

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