Metropolitan - the pastry room in Amsterdam

On one of my day trips to Amsterdam (just love being a tourist in my own country!), I visited the Metropolitan. I don't know what to call it exactly, because it is a chocolate bar, espresso bar, dessert shop and ice cream parlor in one. Sweet tooths would probably call it heaven.  
 Metropolitan the pastry room in Amsterdam chocolate gelato espresso cake

When I walked inside, I was welcomed by a delicious chocolate scent and further inside, I found this show case full of different flavors of gelato.
 Metropolitan the pastry room in Amsterdam many gelato flavors

I don't know if I have mentioned it on my blog before, but I have problems deciding on things. It is especially difficult, when there are way too many options. My mom often tells me to just get married to a guy who takes the decisions for me, but even though I like men who are on the manly side, I actually hate being bossed around. So, I will just stay motae solo (= Korean name for forever alone).

While I was staring at the different flavors of gelato for a very long time, a male employee offered me a small tasting spoon with some blood orange ice cream to try out. It was quite nice and I normally don't really like sorbet ice cream that much, as they are often too sweet or have a too watery/icy texture. There were also some really interesting flavors, such as Kikkoman soy sauce ice cream and cucumber ice cream, but I just stuck to the safe flavors.

I got the Macaron Almond ice cream and Pistachio ice cream (the cup in the front). The Macaron Almond ice cream had a few chunks and smaller bits of semi-crunchy macaron in it, but it is mainly a light almond ice cream with colorful dots. The macaron flavor is not very outspoken. The pistachio ice cream isn't really rich in terms of flavor, but I like the creamy and airy texture and the swirls of ground pistachio nuts in it.

Metropolitan the pastry room in Amsterdam three cups of gelato

I didn't take a good picture of the other ice cream (a bit blurry!), so I was glad that my little brother took a picture from his side with his smart phone.

He chose the mango sorbet ice cream and the chocolate brownie ice cream (on the left). I had a small taste of those, before we all dug in, and I like the mango flavor the most. It has a not too sweet or too sour flavor, I like how it was balanced. It was quite refreshing for an ice cream. The chocolate brownie ice cream was okay.  

Metropolitan the pastry room in Amsterdam gelato ice cream review

In the ice cream cup on the right, there is a scoop of the strawberry sorbet ice cream and a scoop of the pistachio ice cream that I also had. The strawberry sorbet ice cream was nice too, but the mango was better. 

Another person tried the Lime-mint sorbet ice cream and the Mandarin sorbet ice cream. Because he sat at another bar table, I forgot to take a picture, but he said that both were very tasty. If you consider how hot it was that day, how tired I was from all the walking, and how thirsty I was, it is already a miracle that I was able to snap some pictures, before inhaling all the ice cream.  

Tip 1: Try one scoop of the creamy looking ice cream flavors (It is the first time I ate ice cream with such a creamy and airy texture!) and one scoop of the sorbet ice creams (One of the best I tried!).

Tip 2: If you cannot pick just one or two ice cream flavors and want to try more (just like me), you can get an ice cream tasting for €7.95 per person (no reservations required and at any time). You will get a plate with a small scoop of 16 different ice cream flavors.

Prices: one scoop (€1.95), two scoops (€3.35), 3 scoops (€4.70), 4 scoops (€5.95), 5 scoops (€6.95), and an ice cream milkshake (€3.85)

Metropolitan - the pastry room
chocolate - gelato - espresso - cake
Warmoesstraat 135
1012 JB Amsterdam
Open daily: 09.00 - 22:00 

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