New in the Markthal: het kroket loket

Like I mentioned before over here, the flower shop in the front of the entrance of the Markthal near the Blaak station side has closed, and in place of that, there is now: het kroket loket (shop 90). Kroket is a typical Dutch snack, which is basically a deep-fried croquette filled with ragout. What makes this kroket shop different from the others in the Netherlands is that it only sells kroket and not also fries and other fried food. They intend to only specialize in one thing and make it really good. 

new in the markthal Rotterdam the Netherlands het kroketloket

Het kroket loket sells fresh, handmade kroket with many different flavors: cheese filling (€3), tomato mozzarella pesto filling (€3), truffle-mushroom filling (€3.25), shrimp filling (€3.75), crab filling (€3.25), chorizo filling (€3), Indonesian filling (€3.25), Peking duck filling (€3.25), spicy chicken filling (€3.25), and traditional beef ragout filling (€2.50). There is a special kroket of the month (€3.25) to keep customers surprised and coming back.

With your kroket, you get a free homemade sauce of your choice (Dyon mustard, Zaanstreek mustard, Mustard mayonnaise, French style mayonnaise, curry mayonnaise, truffle mayonnaise, paprika mayonnaise, tartar mayonnaise, or spicey mayonnaise). If you like the sauce, you can also buy a small jar of that to bring back home with you (€3.50). And if you prefer to eat the kroket in a soft bun (white or brown bread), there is an extra fee of €0.50.     

For the foodies who cannot decide, there is a tasting of 6 small croquettes for €6.50.

Het kroket loket - the Markthal Rotterdam shop
Ds. Jan Scharpstraat 298 
3011 GZ Rotterdam

Het kroket loket - The Hague shop
Papestraat 21 
2513 AV The Hague

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