Starbucks Amsterdam Centraal - First matcha frappuccino in the Netherlands!

Ordering a green tea frappuccino used to be only a thing I could do in Japan and Hong Kong, but I recently found out that I could also get one in the Netherlands now. On one of those sunny days, I went on a day trip to Amsterdam. I really needed to go to the restroom at a certain point and going to the Sanifair toilets at the train station, which costs €0.70, gives you a €0.50 voucher in return to use at several eateries located in the station. That's why, I visited the nearby Starbucks cafe at the back of the Amsterdam Central station. A green tea frappuccino costs €4.30 for a tall, but I used the voucher, so it only costed me €3.80.

Starbucks Amsterdam Centraal station first matcha green tea frappuccino in the Netherlands

When I went there, the Starbucks cafe was pretty quiet and the leather benches were so comfortable that I stayed for a while. I saw some people working there behind their laptop and I wished I could be a digital nomad too.

Starbucks Amsterdam Centraal station cafe merchandise

This wasn't on the same day, but because the Starbucks barista forgot about the green tea frappuccino that my little brother ordered right after me and he made him wait for a long time, he gave him a voucher for a free drink as compensation. My little brother was so kind to give that voucher to me, so I brought it along to order something at the Starbucks cafe located at the front of the Rotterdam Central station. I asked the barista what kind of drink I could order and she said that I was allowed to order whatever I wanted and add as many extras I wished too. I am not that familiar to all the options that is available, so she suggested to add a caramel sauce on top. At first, I thought that the combination sounded a bit weird, but it didn't taste that bad actually. The sweetness of the caramel sauce brought out the bitterness of the green tea out more and made the flavor more intense. It was also the first time, I ordered a venti sized drink at Starbucks.

Starbucks Rotterdam Centraal matcha green tea frappuccino venti whip cream caramel sauce

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