Sacha summer sale purchases

After throwing away some of my old and worn out shoes (mentioned before over here), I had to buy some new summer sandals. Early August, Sacha already started putting many of their summer sandals on sale (Is it because of the cold and rainy summer we are having this year?) and I managed to buy two pairs of black sandals at a discounted price.

sacha summer sale sandals bow t-bar heel strap velvet

The first pair on the left is a black, velvet sandal with a medium high heel and a bow on the front and one on the strap around the ankle. It has my favorite heel height (high-heeled, but still relatively comfortable for walking), it is black, it has bows on it, and it is made with velvet. All of my favorites in one!

The second pair on the right is a black, t-bar sandal with thin straps. At first, I was worried if the strings would be cutting into my feet, but after walking them in, the strings actually became looser and more comfortable around the feet, but still not that loose that I need the drag the sandals along. It is as comfortable as not wearing any shoes, but I still haven't tried walking on them continuously without breaks for longer than a 4 hours (aka a short shopping trip in my book).

Lastly, I bought this Luz gemstone bar gold necklace with 9 small rose quartz gems. Rose quartz represents love, loyalty, and the heart. I am not that interested in a better love life, but it would be great to feel more love from family, friends, and the people I meet. It also improves creativity and imagination, which is great for my job as a blogger.
 Luz gemstone bar gold necklace rose quartz gems

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