Tourist for a day in Leiden

After spending some time at the Museum Volkenkunde and having a sushi lunch, we still had some time left, so we explored the city, Leiden, a bit too. Although I took a course for one trimester at the Leiden university, I had never really strayed away from the road from the Leiden Central Station to the university and back. I only remember buying juice and muffins at the supermarket (which is now a Jumbo supermarket) for breakfast before class and having traditional Dutch pancakes with the whole class, after our final exam for that course. Both were places on that road. I was already suffering from heavy fatigue back then, so often, I used my limited energy for the most important thing, my studies. Fun things were always on second place. I just hate myself for being the perfect student all the time, but I had always loved studying and going to the university was my dream from when I was as young as 4 yours old, so I don't regret it. I can have fun now too. I also wanted to bring my cousin from China to Leiden or Delft on her last afternoon in the Netherlands, but because of time constraint, we had to make that into a day in Rotterdam instead. Until she come visit me again, I can only take her on a picture tour for now.

Molen de Put dutch windmill Leiden Netherlands bridge boats houses

I don't know why, but the Molen De Put (Dutch windmill) and the surroundings are super photogenic. I just randomly took two pictures and they look like a paintings.

Park de Put 11 
2312BM Leiden
Open for visitors on Saturdays from 11:00-16:00 
(check the website for changes)

Molen de Put dutch windmill Leiden Netherlands bridge house boats

Not too far from Molen De Put, you can find the other wind mill which is located in Leiden city center, called Molen de Valk. It is only a 5 min. walk away from Leiden central station.

2e Binnenvestgracht 1
2312 BZ Leiden
Closed on Mondays 
Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00 
Sundays and national holidays 13:00-17:00

Molen de Valk dutch windmill Leiden Netherlands

I hadn't really made specific plans on what to visit in Leiden, but just stumbling around already brought me to many beautiful buildings. On the left, that is the Hooglandse kerk and the one on the right is the Hartebrugkerk. I also passed the town hall and the stadsgehoorzaal, but the street was too narrow for me to take a good picture of those.  

hooglandse kerk hartebrugkerk Leiden Netherlands churches

Underneath, you can see the covered bridge, the Koornbrug, and the name is derived from the trade of grains (in Dutch: koren), which used to take place under this covered bridge.

koornbrug covered bridge Leiden Netherlands

There is also the Leiden Street Market. The fresh food stalls are placed in the location seen in the picture underneath, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00-17:00. Behind it, is where the Burcht van Leiden (an ancient tower) is located.

terrace boats Leiden Netherlands bridge traditional houses

I had never seen it before, so I was pretty surprised to see houses in the middle of water like in Venice.

house standing in water Leiden Netherlands

In the same area, you can find The Hudson's bay store, which will soon open in Leiden on 12 September 2017. Right next to it, is the monument, de Waag.

Hudson's bay store de Waag Leiden Netherlands crowded terrace

For shopping, there is the over a kilometer long shopping street, Haarlemmerstraat, and the Breestraat, which is known for its bookstores. 

Tip: Visit one of the bakeries in Delft

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