C&A Summer budget outfit

One day, I was shopping with my mom again and we went into the C&A store in the Beurstraverse, Rotterdam, to get some ice cream at the McDonalds. There, I found out that the McDonalds has closed now and there were only some remains of the renovation (It was still there the last time I went). I was a bit disappointed (no McFlurry!), but I was able to buy a cute summer outfit for a really budget price.

C&A summer budget outfit sunglasses white t-shirt blue white striped wrap dress
Dress €19.90 | T-shirt €14.90 | Sunglasses €5.90

I had been looking for a basic white t-shirt with a boxy fit and wide sleeves for ages and I couldn't believe that I ran into one in the C&A of all places. It has a somewhat sheer fabric, but it is very soft and airy. The fabric has a silk feel to it and it doesn't pill like normal white t-shirts. Although it does wrinkle a bit easy, it is amazing for that price. It can be matched with almost everything and it is a real staple clothing piece. I should have bought extras, but the rack with t-shirts was gone the next time I went.

To prove how well it matches with other clothes, I combined it with the blue-white striped wrap dress that I bought at the C&A on the same day. The matching frills makes it look like it was a set that is supposed to be sold together. The frills and the elastic band around the waste of the dress are also at the exact right place, enhancing the curves of my body and covering the flaws.

I also spotted an amazing pair of sun glasses and that for the price of only €5.90! It is large and it gives me a superstar aura. I don't really wear sun glasses a lot, but it is fun to have.  

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