Dinner at IKEA Delft

After some shopping, it was time to have dinner at the IKEA restaurant. I rarely go eat there, so for me, it is still something special. I went there during the summer vacation and kids could eat for free when they are accompanied by a paying adult, so the waiting lines were really long. It was also a long day in Delft for me and I was really starving.   

Delft IKEA restaurant

When I saw that they had entrecote steak with fries for only €9, I wanted to give that a try. Others got the chicken satay (€6.50 back then, now €5.90) and the salmon (€7). The entrecote steak was quite large (it covered half the plate, just a bit flattened) and it had a nice grill flavor to it. The meat was grilled medium, but it was a little bit tough and not tender enough. It is not the best meat, but acceptable for the price. The generous portion of fries on the side was crispy and delicious. The salmon was close to totally cooked, but the flavor was nice. It also came with healthy bulgur and vegetables on the side. The chicken satay (3 skewers) was a bit too dry, but the satay sauce was okay. I still think that the entrecote steak is the best choice.    

As desserts, we shared a slice of raspberry cheesecake (€2.50) and a slice of Dutch apple pie (summer sale price of €1.25 back then, now €2). The raspberry cheesecake was very grainy and I wished I got the three-layered red velvet cake (€3.25) or the waffle with fruit (€3) instead. We also got glasses of soda (free refills) for €1.25 each. Of the drinks available, I like the lingonberry juice and the lemon soda the most.

IKEA restaurant Delft desserts

I could not leave the Ikea store without my favorite KAFFEREP ginger thins (€3.50). They are my favorite ginger cookies. My body is always cold and after eating some of these, my body warms up, so I can genuinely say that I need to buy cookies for health reasons. They no longer sell these in round tins, but I rather have it this way. The packaging is cute and I already have more than enough cookie tins at home. I do feel a bit sad though that I couldn't get any of the kokosmacronen at the bakery, as they seemed to be all sold out by the end of the day.   

IKEA KAFFEREP ginger thins cookies

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