Forever 21 acrylic makeup organizer

During the summer, I found a pretty acrylic makeup organizer at Forever 21 for €12. It consists of two detachable parts. You can put the top part on top of the three drawers or next to it, if you wish. It isn't as big and functional as the Palaset acrylic storage cases that I own, but it is great for my daily necessities. On a normal day, I only wear lip gloss, a little bit of perfume, and some moisturizer for my face. I tried to put as many things in the top part as possible to show you how many products it can hold.

Forever 21 acrylic makeup organizer

First, you have the lower part, which is great to display miniature bottles of perfume and small samples of cream. The second row has three compartments and you can put about 5 perfume samples, a lipstick, or a lip gloss in one compartment. The compartments are quite big, so even bulkier lipsticks and lip glosses, such as the Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips lipstick and the Dior Addict Fluid Stick, fit in them. In the back, there are two rectangular compartments and I was able to put the large 30 ml sample bottle of the Vichy Minéral 89 and a 20 ml bottle of the Dior Addict eau Fraîche in there with a little bit of space left to add a sample mascara and a YSL gloss volupté. Those two compartments are also suitable to place brushes, mascaras, and eye liners. The three drawers can be used to store accessories, jewelry, and other makeup that you use less often or only for special occasions. I like that it matches well with the acrylic earring case and lipstick case that I already have.   

I also forgot to share that I bought a black foldable umbrella for my mom at Forever 21 before, when I got a pink bag for myself. I really liked the curved faux leather handle and the shape of the umbrella when opened, but my mom told me that it broke pretty fast. Just like me (who can easily break things just by holding it), my mom is stronger than she thinks and she broke the strap that holds the umbrella together. The umbrella also didn't survive the strong winds and rains that we have here in the Netherlands, but nothing could be done about that. That is the reason why the Senz storm umbrella was invented in this country. 

Forever 21 black foldable umbrella

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