Marks & Spencer: Chocolate eclairs and Portugese egg tarts

The closing date (31 October 2017) of the two Marks and Spencer stores in the Netherlands is getting near. I still have a lot of pictures that I had taken of delicious food from Marks and Spencer that I haven't posted on my blog yet. I will try to post them all in the coming weeks. It really is going to be your last chance to taste them, so keep an eye on my blog for updates. You may come across something that looks so delicious that you would regret not buying, while you still could.

In May, I visited Amsterdam and I discovered two new pastries at the fridge section of the Marks and Spencer store: Chocolate eclairs and Portugese egg tarts. It was very hot that day, so I immediately ate the chocolate eclairs right in the train back home. I was afraid that it would melt and become soggy otherwise, but it was already melting badly, when I took it out of the box. If you have never seen sweating chocolate eclairs, now you have.  

Marks & Spencer chocolate eclairs

Even though the choux pastry has become a bit soft and chewy, the vanilla cream inside was still very creamy and soft. The layer of milk chocolate on top tasted rich in chocolate too. Everything melted in my hands, so I had to stuff everything in my mouth as fast as I could, but I could still taste it properly. It is an amazing chocolate eclair, considering it came from out of the fridge. 

Marks & Spencer chocolate eclairs bite vanilla cream

Also, from the fridge section, were these delicious Portugese egg tarts. Sadly, I never got the chance to taste freshly baked Portugese egg tarts, but I do have a lot of experience tasting Hong Kong egg tarts. They aren't exactly the same, but they both have a buttery crust and a soft egg-based filling. 
 Marks & Spencer Portugese egg tarts

The Portugese egg tarts are sold in a package of two and they are part of the Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer products. I just love Hong Kong egg tarts, so I am already a bit biased before I started the tasting. But as I expected, these egg tarts are really delicious. The crust was buttery and the sweet egg filling was soft and creamy. I really liked the hint of caramel on the top too. You can eat them cold or after a few minutes in the oven. I tried both ways and I liked the cold version more, but that is mainly because the temperature was too hot to be eating hot pastries.      

Marks & Spencer Portugese egg tarts halved

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