Tourist for a day in The Hague

To continue the "Tourist for a day in the Netherlands" blog article series (previously, Rotterdam and Leiden), I also made one for The Hague. It obviously isn't the first time I went there, but it is the first time that I actively went sightseeing. I visited the royal palace Noordeinde and the Le Marie Marché market nearby.

Palace Noordeinde

palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlands

Palace Noordeinde is the palace that the king uses for work purposes. It is therefore really rare that you can get a look inside. Once a year, the palace is open for visitors for 4 Saturdays in a row during the summer, from 10:00 - 18:00. You do need to get a ticket from the official website for €6 per person. The royal stables with the horses, the carriages, and the cars are also open to the public for three weeks in a row from Tuesday-Friday and from 13:00-17:00. The large palace garden however is always open to the public and it can be reached at the back of the palace.

If you have missed this opportunity, you can still have a peek inside through Google Street view.

palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlandslong waiting line

Is it just me, or are the palace guards posing for the picture?

palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlandspalace guards

Le Marie Marché market

Opposite of the palace Noordeinde, there was the monthly Le Marie Marché market, which has changing locations in The Hague. On 5 August, it happened to be held on the park opposite to the palace Noordeinde. I just love strolling markets like these, so I went to have a look. There were some samples at one of the food stands and I tried funnel cake for the first time. It tasted like fried tempura batter bits stuck together and with chocolate bits and sultana in between. I really wanted to buy a piece, but I already made lunch plans.   

Le Marie Marché market big tree opposite of palace noordeinde
Le Marie Marché market crepe stand
Le Marie Marché market cookies cakes pastry
Le Marie Marché market food escape Japanese food stand
Le Marie Marché market heeren van loosdrecht croquetteurs kroket stand

 This is a bronze statue of Willem van Oranje that was created in 1845. I really like how pretty green is has become. It looks good from the front and the back.

bronze statue willem van oranje Noordeinde palace flowers

bronze statue willem van oranje Noordeinde palace gelato cart

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