Liz Lisa now has an official store on eBay!

If I wanted to get anything from the Japanese fashion brand, Liz Lisa, I used to need to fly to Hong Kong or Japan or order it from their official online store, Tokyo Kawaii Life, and use the international shipping company,, to ship it to where I live. But recently, while I was doing research on the Japanese female fashion fukubukuro of 2018 (should I get something this year?), I found out that Liz Lisa has opened an official store on eBay.

Head to the official Liz Lisa eBay store to see if you can find the Liz Lisa clothing or accessories that you have been eying on for ages and weren't able to get easily. There is currently a free international shipping campaign and you should take advantage of it, while you can. The store has quite a lot of items (when I last looked, it was 580 items) and besides clothing, you can also find, shoes, bags, and accessories. In the sales section, you can find almost 100 items, ranging from around €30 for tops and skirts and around €50 for one piece dresses. 

I don't think that they will also sell the 2018 fukubukuro in the eBay store, as they sell out very fast. But just in case, they suddenly do, keep an eye out around the start of the pre-order date.  

Update: OMG! They are really selling the two Liz Lisa fukubukuro of 2018 at their official eBay store. The fukubukuro of ¥12,000 is being sold for US$179 (with free worldwide shipping). The fukubukuro with the suitcase is being sold for US$390.

On 1 December 2017, 19:00 (GMT+9), the online pre-order for the Liz Lisa fukubukuro (lucky bag) will start and this year, they will have two versions. The Liz Lisa 2018 fukubukuro will have a white coat and three other clothing items, giving you the chance to get two different outfits from Liz Lisa for 12,000 yen (+tax). The special Liz Lisa x My Melody fukubukuro will have a pink (as they call it, strawberry milk pink) coat with a white fur collar and the bottom part of the coat has a skirt like flare. The pockets of the coats are both decorated with a big bow. Including the coat, you get 7 clothing pieces, with which you can also create two complete outfits. It will cost you 30,000 yen (+tax), but you also get a pink, hard case, cabin suitcase with a cute My Melody print for that price.

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