Review: Marks & Spencer bakery goods

Before I have already shown you many Marks & Spencer products from the bakery section (such as breakfast items and the wonderful sesame bagels), but I have some more favorites to share with you. The first one are these big blueberry muffins (package of four).   

Marks and Spencer blueberry muffins

I don't know if they have changed the recipe, but the first time, I bought these, they were as great as the freshly made muffins that I can get at train stations. The cake was really fine (seen by the very small bubbles in the cake) and soft. The blueberry and buttery flavor of the cake matched well together. The second pack I bought wasn't as nice, but it could have also to do with the expiration date being nearer or a bad batch.

Marks and Spencer blueberry muffins halved

While the blueberry muffins come in a pack fo four, the lemon and white chocolate mini muffins, come in a pack of eight (I couldn't wait until I got home and ate two of the mini muffins in the train, that's why you only see 6 in the picture).
 packaging Marks and Spencer blueberry muffins mini muffins lemon white chocolate

 I just love lemon, so there was no way, I wouldn't like these mini muffins. 
 Marks and Spencer lemon and white chocolate mini muffins

The cake isn't so fine as the blueberry muffins (the bubbles in the cake are larger), but still very soft. Inside, you can find large cubes of white chocolate here and there. The lemon flavor is really strong, but the white chocolate and chunky bits of sugar on top of the mini muffins made the whole thing a bit too sweet for me. I am not really a big sweet tooth.  
 Marks and Spencer lemon and white chocolate mini muffins halved

At the freshly baked goods counter/cafe in the Marks & Spencer The Hague store, I wanted to try everything out, but as I often already had lunch elsewhere, I have only bought a bag of jam donuts and a cheese scone to try out.

Marks and Spencer jam donuts

The jam donuts are covered with sugar and they have plenty of strawberry jam in the center. It was a bit too sweet for me, but still relatively fresh tasting for just €1.45 (a bag of four).
 Marks and Spencer jam donuts cheese scone

The cheese scone looked really interesting, so I bought one to try out. A scone is normally a bit plain tasting and firm, so I wondered what a savory, cheese version would taste like. Just like normal scones, it really needed the clotted cream to make it more moist. But the cheese added a lot of flavor to the scone, so you could actually eat it without anything, if you can handle the slight dryness of it. 

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