Review: Marks & Spencer swiss rolls

I didn't know if I should write about my vacation to Hong Kong first or continue with my Marks & Spencer "Try before the store closes" products list, which got so delayed that it turned into "Food souvenirs from England" list, as the Marks & Spencer stores in the Netherlands are closed already and I need to plan a trip to London to buy them from now on. I already sorted and edited most of the pictures, as I planned to write the blog posts in the boring moments during my trip, such as during transits and the many hours in the plane. But it didn't go as planned, as I got too exhausted during traveling to even look at the screen. As I don't want to waste all the effort that I have done, I will review all the Marks & Spencer food items first. The blog posts about my vacation adventures will be online in a week or two, so be sure to come back around that time, if you are interested.           

Marks and Spencer swiss rolls cappuccino lemon blackcurrant packaging

What do I think?

The Marks and Spencer lemon Swiss roll has nice zesty lemon curd, which is more on the sour side than sweet, and an airy buttercream filling in the middle. The sponge cake was a bit on the firm side and the grains of sugar on the outside could have been left out, as it made the whole thing too sweet for me.  

Marks and Spencer swiss roll lemon

The Marks and Spencer blackcurrant Swiss roll has a thick layer of British blackcurrant jam and buttercream in the middle. It is pretty much the same as the Marks and Spencer lemon Swiss roll, except the lemon curd is replaced with the blackcurrant jam. Personally, I prefer the lemon over the blackcurrant Swiss roll.

Although I find the cake a bit too firm, the filling of both Swiss rolls tasted really fresh and nicely flavored. For a cake roll that is not placed in the refrigerator or the bakery section of the supermarket, it is of excellent quality.   

Marks and Spencer swiss roll blackcurrant

The Marks and Spencer Cappuccino Chocolate Swiss roll is a bit different from the earlier lemon and blackcurrant Swiss rolls. It is covered with a soft layer of milk chocolate, it has a chocolate sponge, and not only does it have a coffee buttercream filling, it also has a really concentrated and thick coffee syrup in the middle (the darker parts in my pictures). This was not seen in the pictures on the box and it was a pleasant surprise. Whereas the coffee buttercream has a sweet, caramel like, coffee flavor, the coffee syrup was more on the bitter side. These two flavors mixed together really made me think of a cup of cappuccino.

Because of the many different textures and flavors that this Cappuccino Chocolate Swiss roll has, I recommend getting this one if you only want to buy one of these three flavors. 

Marks and Spencer swiss rolls cappuccino covered in chocolate
Marks and Spencer swiss roll cappucino center coffee jelly

Underneath, you can find a slice of the lemon Swiss roll and a slice of the blackcurrant Swiss roll being part of a plate of sweets from a high tea that I held in the comfort of my own home. I just bought two different kinds of cookies, a lemon fudge cake, and added the two kinds of Swiss rolls from Marks and Spencer. The colors complemented each other really well and it was really picture worthy.

Marks and Spencer swiss rolls high tea sweets cookies fudge cake lemon blackcurrant

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