Color fukubukuro 2016

On day 6 of the special Christmas countdown, I will show you the Color fukubukuro of 2016. Color is a sister brand of Fifth and they are Japanese fashion brands for women. I couldn’t find much info on previous fukubukuro, because the names are commonly used words. I have also never heard of these brands before, but I did know that Color was created in that year and it was the brand’s first fukubukuro. Based on the clothing that I found from Color, it has a mature and a bit romantic style. Out of all the fukubukuro that I bought that year, I took the biggest risk with this one. So, fingers crossed.

What’s inside the Color fukubukuro of 2016

                                                            Free sized, ¥10,800
- a coat
- a shirt with shoulder frills
- a white skirt 
- a black cardigan
- a black sleeveless top
- a white, a-line shirt with gems at the collar
- a plaid skirt
- a leather bracelet

The coat was the biggest disappointment of the fukubukuro. It actually doesn’t look that bad. It is a grey felt jacket with a hood. But besides in the hood, there is no lining in the jacket and there is no button or belt attached to close the jacket. I know that there are jackets that don’t have to be closed, but the weather in the Netherlands doesn’t give you many occasions to wear those. It looks a bit unfinished and sloppy.

The mustard yellow/orange shirt with frills on the shoulders is the best item in the fukubukuro. The fabric and color looks really luxurious. It also has a cool retro/vintage style to it without being boring. It is something I don’t have in my closet yet, so that’s great!

The white skirt with a tweed like imprint looked nice at first glance, but when I touched the fabric, it was very thin and a bit see through. There is no underskirt and the zipper broke the second time I wore it. 

The black v-neck cardigan looks great and it fits me well, but I already have a lot of cardigans. I am a cardigan hoarder, so in my closet, I have cardigans in lots of colors and shapes. Many of them are black, as they have a slimming effect and they are very versatile. 

The black sleeveless top can be worn with the previous black cardigan, but also on its own, it is a pretty classic item to have in your closet. It is something I don’t have yet, but it is just a bit boring. What I expect from a fukubukuro, is to be surprised with something that I might not buy when I see it in the store, but still somehow make it work for me. 

The white a-line top has gems on the collar and because of the wide fit, you don’t have to worry about a food baby popping up during a big meal. The fabric however, is a bit thin and I need to wear a shirt underneath. 

The grey plaid skirt is made of a thick, wool fabric and I like the checkered pattern on it. There is a grey, tule overlay on it, but I didn’t like it that much, so I removed it. When I looked at it, I thought it would be great if this was a cape coat. I tried wearing it as a cape and it surprisingly looked good! At least, this could make up for the lacking coat in this fukubukuro. 

The leather bracelet looked a bit strange in the wrapper, but after putting it on my wrist, it was a real eye catcher. It is still a bit too chunky for me, as I prefer smaller jewelry. But playing with different styles once in a while, is not that bad.

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