Dazzlin fukubukuro 2016

This is day 5 of the special Christmas countdown and after showing you my fukubukuro from 2015, it is time to show you which fukubukuro I bought in 2016. That year, I kind of went crazy and just bought every fukubukuro that looked interesting. So, you will be in for a surprise in the upcoming days. As the title of this blog post suggests, I will start with my favorite brand, Dazzlin. This was the third time in a row that I bought the fukubukuro from Dazzlin (check out the first and the second Dazzlin fukubukuro) and the brand had never disappointed me. As always, Dazzlin gives you a sneak peak of the bag that holds the clothes and some clues or even pictures of the coat. That year, the drawstring bag didn't look as cute as in the previous years, but the mention of a cape coat made me interested in buying it.

What's inside the Dazzlin fukubukuro of 2016

                                                             M size, ¥10,800

- a cape style coat with fur collar
- a dress
- a long, pastel yellow vest
- a turtleneck
- a grey tule skirt

I really like the cape styled coat with detachable fur collar. Brown is not my favorite color for coats, but the brown color has a vintage feel and it doesn't have much orange tone in it. It wasn't captured as well in the video, but I can assure you that it looks great. The coat itself has an a-line shape and the sleeves are very wide, so without any altering, I could immediately wear it out. 

The dress is a bit simple this year and the fabric is less luxurious looking, but the silhouette is nice. The pale pink color and the grey flower print does wash me out a bit, so I really need to combine this with solid colored vests and/or accessories. 

The yellow vest is a bit thin, but the pastel yellow color is really cute. I don't own a long vest in that color yet, so it is great to get one in this fukubukuro. However, I don't really recommend wearing this with the previously mentioned dress, as both have colors that are very pale. 

The pastel purple turtleneck looks very cute and because I easily get a cold, a turtleneck is a musthave for me in the winter. Most of the times, turtlenecks look very boring (I think I own more black turtlenecks than Steve Jobs did), so it is great that I got another cute one (I got a cute one from Lily Brown too).

The grey tule skirt looks amazing. It has a silky, elastic waistband, multiple layers of tule and an underskirt. I always thought grey, purple, and yellow look great together, so the vest, turtleneck, and skirt would be a great outfit to wear on a day out.

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