earth music & ecology - Casual fukubukuro 2016

Yesterday, I have shown you the Trend version of the earth music & ecology fukubukuro of 2016 and on day 9 of the special Christmas countdown, we will look at the contents of the Casual version. The Trend bag is closer to my style than the Casual bag, but I was drawn to the sporty outer bag and the army green jacket that I still don't have in my closet.

What's inside the earth music & ecology - Casual fukubukuro of 2016

Large sized, ¥10,800

- an army green jacket 
- a white sweater
- a red plaid shirt
- a cobalt blue denim skirt 
- a white shirt with black print
- a light grey college style sweater
- a pair of jeans
- an "ugly" Christmas sweater
- a white wool hat
- a beige fur clutch

The army green jacket has a fur lined hood and a white, fuzzy fleece lining. I don't really like the colors of the fur and they are a bit sparse. I am considering painting it bright pink.   

The white sweater is a bit simple, but the knit pattern looks nice. The red plaid shirt would look nice underneath it. 

The denim skirt has a beautiful cobalt blue color. It doesn't have any pockets or lining inside. It looks a bit simple, but it is well made. In the back of the skirt, there is an elastic band. 

The white shirt with black print and the light grey college style sweater are a bit boring, but they are good staple clothing to have in the closet. 

The pair of jeans is actually a pair of jeggings, to be precise. It has an elastic band around the whole waist and it is very stretchy and skintight.  

I don't own an "ugly"Christmas sweater yet, so this comes in handy. After a closer look, the print isn't that ugly and the large grey area neutralizes it a bit. So, now you know what I am wearing every Christmas.   

After the white scarf in the previous fukubukuro, I now get a white, wool hat. They really don't know me that well. I am capable of ruining a white sweater within the first wear. That time, I carefully tried to eat a mango and the fruit juice stains just won't come off anymore.     

The beige fur clutch is my favorite item of this fukubukuro. It has a soft, light beige fur on the front and it has light beige faux leather backside. It also includes a wrist strap. It is another bag that I can use to put my iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in.  

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