earth music & ecology - Trend fukubukuro 2016

Today is day 8 of the special Christmas countdown and I will show you the earth music & ecology fukubukuro of 2016. Every year, earth music & ecology always gives you great value for your money with their fukubukuro with 9 or more items in it. I have always wanted to get one of them and in 2016, I took the leap. I bought the pink Trend bag with the cute frills (and also the white Casual bag, which will be revealed tomorrow!).

What's inside the earth music & ecology - Trend fukubukuro of 2016

Large sized, ¥10,800

- a light brown coat with a fur collar
- a flower print dress
- a green sweater with white undershirt
- a black-white striped shirt
- a black skort
- a beige knit dress
- a grey furry sweater
- a white turtleneck
- a white scarf
- a bow bag

The light brown coat has a detachable, fur collar, which is attached by small buttons, and after removing it, the coat turn into a classic collarless coat. I really like the large buttons and the coat keeps me very warm. The only thing is that the shape isn't really flattering on me. It makes my body look rectangular. That's why I prefer wearing short coats or coats with a skirt like bottom part.

The rose print on the sleeveless dress is really lovely. I also like the shape of the dress. On the back of the dress, there is an elastic band, but it is still quite tricky to put the dress on as the fabric is not elastic, nor is there a zipper anywhere.

The forest green sweater comes with a sleeveless white undershirt, which is not attached, so you can also wear the sweater with something else underneath or wear the undershirt with another clothing piece. The white, cotton undershirt has a silky, bottom part that flows out like a dress from the waist. It is a bit longer than the sweater, so it peeks out a little bit.

The black-white striped shirt is a classic, basic clothing piece that everyone should have in their closet, both men and women. It can be worn with almost everything and it looks good for any occasion. But this shirt also has a cute, black frill detail, which makes it one of a kind.

The black skort (aka short that looks like a skirt) has a wide fit and an elastic band on the back. It doesn't cling to the skin, so it is nice and airy for in the summer.    

The beige knit dress has a classic shape and it would look great with a light blue shirt underneath. It also has some subtle, thin gold threads, weaved into it that gives it just enough sparkle to not look too boring. It also has side pockets and I love that!

The grey, furry sweater is very cute and I have worn it a lot in the winter. The sweater is a bit short, so it looks great with a skirt and a pretty belt.

I have lost count on how many turtlenecks I have gotten in fukubukuro, but it is a must for me in the winter, so I don't really mind. This particular one has a cute, lace frill that makes me look very doll-like. I only need a black Victorian style dress to complete a black lolita cosplay costume.

The white scarf has cute fringes on both ends, but because of the color, I am scared that I will stain the scarf, so I haven't worn it outside.

The bow bag has two open pockets inside, but nothing to close the bag with, so it ended up, as my cute grocery bag. 

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